Relax Wild Fans, It’s One Game


Rough night, right? A night that may have brought the worst out of us wild fans, including me. Were words spoken that should’ve stayed inside my conscience? Yes. But hey, that’s what happens when you’re a Minnesota sports fan. Shit happens. 

The Minnesota Wild dropped their first game of the season to the New York Rangers 7-3 in downtown St. Paul. A frustrating night, of course, but we have to think of the positives, which includes the following:

  • Kaprizov – Hartzy – Zuccy
  • Boldy
  • Boldy (again)

Now to the negatives…

  • Defense
  • Defense
  • Uhm one sec…. oh yeah. Defense

So, it truly is hard to write a recap of a game that was so hard to watch, but the Kaprizov-Hartzy-Zuccy line looked great most of the night, Boldly excelled, and a quick flip back to Boldy who showed us viewers and the NHL that he’s okay without Fiala (insert middle finger to ESPN). 

Internal Reflection for Wild Fans

Friends, it’s okay. I slept like a fricken baby last night if I’m being honest. Seriously! I fell asleep and woke up every two hours crying, it’s fine. It happens. We’re going to be okay. Remember, it’s only one fricken game. And for those fans that are calling it the apocalypse for the Minnesota Wild, all I’ll say is this. Find a new team or re-think how you treat the team. IT’S ONE GAME. 

One game. A shitty game, but one game. Did I take an extra shot (or four) tonight because of it? Absolutely, but there’s 81 games to go. 

Two big games coming up give us Wild fans plenty to look forward to. First, the team takes on Kevin “Fifi” Fiala and the Los Angeles Queens on Saturday night in St. Paul. Then the reigning cup champs come to town and 10K is giving you the chance to meet Bill Guerin before the game! Are you ready for some W’s? I am.