Remember Sully? Well Sully Doesn’t Have Shit On This Guy Who Landed a Plane on I-35 (VIDEO)

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I could have used any news source to site this wild emergency plane landing here. But I am citing Bring Me The News MN since we absolutely embarrassed KSTP in Fantasy Football a few weeks ago…

Northbound I-35W is blocked near New Brighton after a small aircraft landed on the interstate. “We were driving home from Riverwest and noticed a low flying plane – like too low for where we were – about a half-mile from 694 going North on 35,” he said. “Then all of a sudden we saw the plane try to land in the median and it swiped an SUV. We pulled over and saw the two people in the plane get out and went over to see if everyone was okay in the SUV.” It’s not believed that anybody is seriously injured.

Per Bring Me The News MN

Brace yourself for one of the most batshit videos you’ll see this year. Even by 2020 standards this is insane.

Video courtesy of Guy Still, WCCO, and MNDOT

Good news: everyone is okay. As a pilot, I would have to imagine the most pants-shittingly terrifying situation would be landing in the Hudson River. But you know what’s worse? An emergency plane landing in an extremely busy freeway in the middle of the metro. Not only is the pilot surrounded by concrete, but they made an emergency landing between a number of moving targets… I bet YOU have never successfully done that in GTA.

Wait, shit, I can get out of this.

We’re still not sure what caused the emergency plane landing. This pilot will join the ranks of all pilots who successfully survived insane emergency plane landings. Air Canada 143, US Airways 320, and Denzel Washington after a few mini bottles of Smirnoff:

And now this guy. Absolute legend.

We will update this story if it somehow gets even more absurd, or whenever the inevitable Air Crash Investigations episode comes out.