Ride Sharing Exodus In Minneapolis

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Picture it’s a beautiful summer Saturday afternoon and you’re sitting at Target Field watching the Twins smoke the White Sox. What goes better with a shalacking of the White Sox than a dozen beers with your pals? Nothing. Then, as a responsible adult, you whip out the phone and order a Lyft or Uber home. Great night. Starting May 1st? Might be paying more and throwing your arm out trying to hail a taxi because we’re about to have a ride sharing exodus in Minneapolis.

What The Fuck Happened?

So, I’ve never personally been a driver for Uber or Lyft, but it doesn’t seem like a horrible gig. Drive people around shooting the shit making money. Now I wouldn’t want to drive the drunk 10k members around at 2 in the morning, but that’s why it typically cost more when you’re coming home fighting for your life making small talk with a complete stranger.

According to the Minneapolis city council we’re not paying enough I guess. They voted to make apps like Uber and Lyft pay their drivers more. I’m all for paying people a fair wage, but was what we were paying them really not enough? I don’t know the cut the apps take, but I’ve taken some fucking STEEP priced Ubers home from sporting events. If the apps aren’t paying them more during those times, that’s not my problem. Uber and Lyft would obviously pass on those costs to us customers because their assholes, and that will obviously drive business down. What seems to be a slippery slope and the apps are already calling their bluff saying if they make them do that then Minneapolis can go fuck itself and fend for yourself with taxis when they have a ride sharing exodus from Minneapolis.

Have You Ever Been In A Taxi?

I’m old enough to be remember dancing around town and ONLY having taxis. Blue and White, Green and White. All the fucking colors of the rainbow were in the taxi game. Who give’s a shit.

Moral of the story…they all sucked ass.

They were expensive as hell, usually disgusting, difficult to get, cranky drivers and worst of all…always wanting you to pay them in cash. For fucks sake. I get it. Cash is king. And you can quickly turn into a magician making things disappear when there’s no paper trail. Screwing over your company and not wanting to pay taxes on incomes is beside the point. I don’t fucking care that you want cash. You giving me a ride home or not? Cause I’ve been at the bar for 7 hours and have to pee and maybe/probably puke.

Maybe things have changed since, but those are the exact reason why Uber and Lyft have been so successful. I’d be really bummed to see them leave, but it sounds like the city has until May 1st to figure their shit out or they’re out of here. Time to start exercising that arm to start hailing some taxis.

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