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Robert Manfred May Have a Brain After All

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Robert Manfred, Major League Baseball’s Commissioner, hasn’t done so hot since he took over for Bud Selig in 2015. By not doing so hot, I mean he has continuously shit the god damn bed.

Robert Manfred
MLB Commissioner, Robert Manfred

In baseball terms, he’s the Miguel Sano of the four major sports commissioners: When he’s on, he’s on. When he’s bad, he’s bad. As of July 13th, 2021, Manfred appears to be on.

At a press conference at Coors Field on the 13th, Manfred stated that some of his bullshit pandemic time rules won’t be a part of the MLB’s future. He also mentioned that changes would be made to what many call the death of left-handed hitters around the game: The Shift.

Yes, you read that right! Manfred is trying to do something good!

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So long, Runner on 2nd starting in the 10th Inning (?)

Ah, yes. A Twins fan’s favorite rule!

Manfred enjoyed seeing clubs falter and others win (even when they didn’t deserve to) so much last year, he wanted it to be a part of this season too.

Well, this tweet by’s Executive Reporter, Mark Feinsand, made my day.

Mark Feinsand, Executive Reporter

Per an article by Craig Calcaterra (NBC Sports) last June, Manfred had doubted that this rule would find its way to the Major Leagues after being used in the Minor Leagues… so who knows if this will actually go away in the future. If there’s even a chance it goes away, that’s more than enough for me.

Good bye, 7-inning Doubleheaders (??)

Another adjustment to how the game was played last year was 7-inning doubleheaders. This was created to allow players to get rest during the pandemic, which I can understand. However, this also was added to the 2021 season.

I enjoy the full 9-innings. Maybe not the horrendous 4 hour, 9-inning games that may go into extra innings, but you take the good with the bad.

Another tweet by Feinsand earlier today allowed me to experience the most joy I’ve felt about the future of baseball in a long time.

Mark Feinsand was a busy guy today

I’m a weird combination of a baseball purist tempered with the new age game. I enjoy playing the game how it’s meant to be played but also enjoy bat flips that land on the mood. Reverting back to 9-inning games is what the game needs.

Rest in Shit, Drastic Fielding Shifts!

Finally, Manfred touched on potential restrictions of how drastic fielders can shift.

Per ESPN’s Jesse Rogers, Manfred said that there would need to be two fielders on each side of second and that each fielder would need to keep their feet on the sand.

Jesse Rogers (ESPN)

I’ve always hated the extreme drastic shifts. I understand that baseball is a game of adjustments, but holy shit. Countless players have fallen victim, to what is now known as, “the shift”.

Below is an example of one of those drastic shifts.

Manfred seeks to eliminate fielder shifts like this pictured
Houston Asterisks (Astros) defensive shift for a lefty hitter

The popularity of “the shift” has grown in the last 10 or so years and is having a massive impact on how the game is played. Something needs to be done to rectify this issue. I’m glad Manfred is finally seeing an issue with it.

Who knows if this all will actually happen, but Rob Manfred (I can’t believe I’m again saying something positive), is trying to better the game.

I look forward to what will be done in the coming offseason.