Rocco Hates Fun!

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The Twins have been fading HARD lately as we are 5 back now. Joe Ryan stepped on the mound to open the Royals series. He was on his way to a no hitter but Rocco Baldelli hates any kind of fun and excitement.

Joe Ryan took his no-no through 7 innings ending at 106 pitches. That is a lot of pitches but we are 5 + games back and we were up 6-0 on the sad Royals. Let the man just try finishing it out. What are the chances he gets hurt just because he went back out there? It isn’t very high and it is completely random if he did end up getting hurt. Why does Rocco want to make our fans more upset when we already have enough to be angry about?

No Fun Zone

He was rightfully getting shredded on Twitter too. I mean there is the slight understanding of not wanting him to get hurt but who cares. Joe Ryan may never be in that scenario again. A no hitter may really kickstart us going into the next Guardians series. A no hitter is just FUN! Let them have some FUN! People are starting to not care at all about the Twins, give them some reason to hop back on the train for the last few weeks. That just isn’t the Twins way sadly, we wanted our nice easy close out the game BS. BOOOOOOO! It is so lame especially at this point of the year.

Is this a discussion that really should be super meaningful? Absolutely not, but at this point in the season after the recent series, this matters a little more than it should to us fans. Let us have something to cheer and get excited about.

In conclusion, screw you Rocco and you lame analytical minds that dictated this decision. We could have witnessed history. Shame on you Rocco.