Rossi Set to Make Bedard Look Like a Toddler


Okay, Wild fans, pinch yourselves because this isn’t a dream – unless you dream in hockey, which, let’s be real, who doesn’t? The buzz in the air is more electric than the Cable Guy. Friends, we’re on the brink of an unforgettable season!

Before we dive in, close your eyes and picture this: a sold-out Xcel Energy Center where every seat is filled with roaring fans, chomping at the bit for some hockey action.

Ready??? Cool, let’s go!

For starters, let’s chat about the real MVP of the game – Michelob Golden Light beer, otherwise known as God’s urine. It’s not just golden; it’s hockey fan fuel. Expect it to flow like gossip at a family reunion. With every sip, the world seems brighter and suddenly, you’re an expert in all thing’s hockey strategy.

Onto our shining star, Kirill Kaprizov. I mean, if hockey had a rock band, he’d be the lead guitarist setting his instrument aflame with every solo. He’s prepped for a year that might just break the laws of physics. And Matt Boldy? I’ve got a sneaky feeling he’s not just going to break the 70-point mark but also break the top-10 in the next golf tournament he participates in.. 

Our rookie, Marco Rossi, is like the new kid in a 90s high school movie. You know, the one everyone underestimates until he wins everyone over? He’s here, ready to kick ass and Thursday night he’s going to make Connor Bedard look like a toddler.

Prediction time! Thursday’s showdown with the Florida Panthers is set to be more thrilling than a season finale of your favorite TV drama. Spoiler alert: Minnesota is going to come out hotter than an Arizona summer. Trust me, the Panthers won’t know what hit them (hint: it’s the Wild).

So, Wild fans, grab your jerseys, snacks and your wallet (depending on if you’re at the game). Thursday is going to be crazy fun and it’s going to be an epic season! Let’s laugh, scream and maybe spill some beer together. Go Wild!