Royce Lewis Could End World Hunger

Royce Lewis Playing 162 Games Could End World Hunger


This past week, Minnesota Twins legend Royce Lewis returned from the Injured List after missing roughly 2 months. In the 2 games he played in the series against the New York Yankees, he mashed and was really the only bright spot.

I think this goes without saying, but Royce Lewis playing 162 games could end world hunger.

Injury History

We all know the struggles that the former 2017 No. 1 overall pick has endured. But I think listing them out might show you truly what this guy has had to go through.

Royce Lewis celebrating a Home Run

February 2021 – Lewis tore his ACL and it was a crushing blow to everyone. We had to wait another year to see the star we had heard so much about and Lewis had to wait another year to show everyone what he could do.

May 2022 – About 2 weeks into his big league career, Lewis tore his ACL again (the same one) on that infamous play in Center Field. I don’t know about you, but that made me seriously doubt his ability to bounce back after that. It’s already insane that he was able to overcome the 1st ACL tear, but a 2nd? No way.

Well, he did bounce back and I ate my fucking words (thankfully). In the 58 games Lewis played in 2023, he posted a .309/.372/.548 slash line with 15 Home Runs and 52 Runs Batted In.

** Lewis did miss 47 games due to other injuries in July and September of 2023. Though not as significant as a fucking ACL tear, nonetheless, it sucked **

March 2024Lewis missed 58 games due to a severe quad strain he suffered in game 1 of the season this year, but we all remember what he did that day too.

Lewis goes Ya-Ya in Game 1 of the 2024 MLB Season @ Kansas City

With all these injuries and time spent away from the game, you would have to think that Royce Lewis may not come back as the same player. I personally didn’t believe that, but I figured there might be some slight struggles to coming back since there usually are with most players. Well, Royce Lewis ain’t most players.

The Return of the King

Royce Lewis returned to the active roster on June 2nd against the New York Yankees in the Bronx.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Lewis smashed a solo Home Run into the bullpen in Yankee Stadium.

In Game 2 of the series, he proceeded to piss on yet another baseball.

With that Home Run, Lewis set history and became the 1st Twin in history to hit Home Runs in the first 3 games of a season.

Simply fucking incredible. He is out of this world.

Imagine if Royce Lewis played a full season

Lewis only has 73 career games under his belt. Since his Major League Debut, he has missed 294 games, which equates to 1 full season and about 8/10 of another.

For his career numbers (73 games), Lewis is hitting .314/.374/.583 with 20 Home Runs and 60 RBI while also playing GREAT defense. Now let’s look at his 162-game average.

Royce Lewis batting stats for career

The guy is a fucking alien, I swear to god. This is All-Star and MVP caliber year-in and year-out level production. We all wish the baseball gods would allow him to remain healthy, and I know he wants to silence that narrative too.

If Royce Lewis can stay healthy for a full season, look out. He has the ability to carry a team for a stretch and provide consistent offense and defense. Throw in Carlos Correa, Byron Buxton, Ryan Jeffers… oh my, I need to change my pants.

Everyone on Earth knows how great of a human being Lewis is, even rival team fans. They all want this guy to be healthy because they know baseball is better with its stars.

Stay healthy, Mr. Lewis. You have a fan base that will support you no matter what.

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