Rudy’s first game in a Wolves jersey

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Rudy Gobert finally got onto the court as a Minnesota Timberwolf the other night against the Lakers in the preseason. Rudy’s Wolves debut went pretty much as expected, which was quite well.

After the long-anticipated debut of Rudy Gobert on the Wolves, there is a lot to be excited about. Granted it was just a pre-season game against the Lakers second unit, but it still gave us Wolves fans a quick glimpse into our future.


Rudy grabbed 12 boards in his 17 minutes of action, which is exactly what we need. One of the biggest reasons we acquired Rudy was for his stellar rebounding. Watching the Grizzlies series last year you know why we lost, because we got killed on the glass. As much as we love KAT, he was not truly a Center. So to always have him on the boards was a disadvantage a bit for us, especially when trying to be a fast-paced team. Now that we have Rudy to heavily focus on those boards, I think we can really get KAT down the court and into shooting position, considering he is probably our best 3 point shooter.

I know this isn’t him on the defensive glass, because that’s where we really got killed but this is such a beautiful example. This play right here was just not happening with the Wolves last year. So to have a guy who can do this and help us get extra possessions, which is why we lost to the Grizzlies, is HUGE for us and I can’t wait to see this in the regular season.


Gobert isn’t known for his offensive ability but he is known for his world-class screening on offense. This is going to be massive with D’Lo and even Ant. Just watch how it was on display already against the Lakers.

To a regular ole basketball fan, you probably don’t think much about this. It is also the reason a lot of “casuals” think Rudy is overrated which makes sense just from the “hooper” and “skill” perspective. Rudy does a lot more than you know though, all these screens are important and will lead to much easier shots. It is a team game so someone has to do the dirty work and do things that aren’t in the box score, Rudy will do that.

When it comes to having a specific niche and skill, I don’t think many do it as well as Rudy. Sure it would be nice to see more on offense but that just isn’t him. If he does what he is supposed to do and does it on an elite level, this team has a chance to be special.

Wolves fans, it is almost time and I can’t wait till opening night. Just wait a little longer my friends, the time is coming. See y’all soon and go Wolves.