Russell Wilson Is The King of Cringe Island

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Welcome to Cringe Island. An uncomfortable utopia of people in the world that make us all feel a little weird inside whenever they we see them on Twitter, TV or what have you. There’s plenty of stuff on the internet that could be considered “cringe” but only a few will have a spot of Cringe Island. And without further ado…Russell Wilson is the King of Cringe Island.

Let’s Ride!

Uff da.

I’m sure once the Denver Broncos social and video teams add some music and special effects to this and throw her up on the big screen at Mile High it’s probably gonna look sick. We could all do without this behind the scenes though.

If I’m a Broncos fan, this in no way makes me want to ride with my new 33 year old quarterback, especially since I have to go get a new phone since when I saw this I threw mine out the window in disgust. But that’s why Russell Wilson is the King of Cringe Island.

Sorry Broncos Fans

Maybe we should put an end to the “Let’s Ride” marketing campaign.

It HAS To Be A Bit

This isn’t the first time Russell Wilson has been accused of being “cringe” and I’m gonna guarantee that it’s not going to be the last. He’s been on this shit since 2018.

Mr. Unlimited is the one that started it all. This tweet form is HORRIBLE and it’s a full minute long! I don’t know how he consciously did this and watched it back and said to himself, “This looks fucking tight, I’m sending it out.”

Maybe it’s just Mr. Unlimited being Mr. Unlimited. I hope for him and Ciara’s sake that it’s a bit, but I also kind of hope that this is actually him and that we can get some more hilariously uncomfortable moments from the King of Cringe Island.

I look forward to giving Russell Wilson some friends and constituents to live with on Cringe Island.