Scumbag Dad Teaches “Lesson” By Selling Kid’s Kaprizov Stick

Hockey Wild

Now I’ll start by saying that I am a father or “Daddy” as my wife and Token call me. With that, I understand the importance of teaching your kid what is right and what is wrong. As an example, I try to show my kids that running into the street is dangerous, or if they don’t tell me that my blogs are good that it’ll hurt a lot and dad’s fragile over-inflated ego will explode and likely not recover. One thing I cannot fathom doing to my kids is what this scumbag dad decided to do: Sell a game used Kirill Kaprizov stick to “teach them that shit is expensive.”

Not weird yet, this seems fair.

As I’m scrolling casually throughout my timeline I come across one of my favorite accounts. Nothing too unusual about this post and I do the unheard of thing and read the caption. I scroll over to the next picture and see this bullshit.


What a fucking loser. Dunce cap dad of the year. Your kid receives something so rare and awesome from what is likely their favorite player (and everyone’s favorite player). You feel the need for him/her to off it in order to pay for something else.

Now in fairness to the dad, we don’t know if the kid said “meh, I like Victor Rask more so I don’t really care about that stick.” That’s when you smack your kid with a little bit of wisdom about value. Nobody likes Victor Rask whether the hate is warranted or not.

I just simply cannot imagine having the conversation asking your kid to get rid of something like this, let along putting it out there in the public that YOU decided to do this. Congratulations dad, you’re a clown. Lessons for your children are important, but this isn’t it.