See You At Tom’s Watch Bar Sunday

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The Vikings need you, your mom, and all of your friends to be at Tom’s Watch Bar this Sunday to cheer them on. It’s playoff time and this is THE place to be to watch the start of our journey to the Super Bowl. You can’t tell me with a straight face that this doesn’t look like a great time.

Skol chant in the bar? Sign me up.

Not only will 10K’s finest such as Marlow, Producer Cam and others be there, Kevin O’Connell himself reached out to me demanding you be there. Kev, as I like to call him since we are dear friends, sent me this late night text. See for yourself.

Invite your mother

I would die for KOC and whatever he asks of me, I do without question. So here’s my question for you. Do you really want to disappoint Kev by not being at Tom’s Watch Bar Sunday? Didn’t think so.

What’s a Football Sunday without great food, though?

Be sure to bring a positive attitude and an empty stomach because the food kicks major ass. I’ve been here a few times and the food is honestly phenomenal. Highly recommend the prime rib dip but you honestly cant go wrong with anything on the menu. Some of us from 10K had the chance to meet Tom Ryan, the owner of Tom’s Watch Bar, who is literally the most interesting man in the world.

He is a literal food scientist that has drastically impacted your life and you didn’t even know it. Ever heard of stuffed crust pizza? Tom invented it and stuffed crust is the only crust that enters my body. What about McDonald’s dollar menu? You can thank Tom for that. Oh, did I mention he is the co-founder of Smashburger?

Get in my belly

So, yeah. Get here. Food? Check. Booze? Check. A billion TVs? Check. A metric shit-ton of crazy fans all cheering together? Check. Moms? Check.

There’s literally no excuse to not be at Tom’s Watch Bar on Sunday, so we will see you there!