Send Emilio Pagan and Rocco Packing

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We have known, but it’s even more known now. Emilio Pagan is absolute horse shit. It isn’t all on him though, your favorite Rocco needs to be blamed too.

Our Minnesota Twins made an absolute joke of themselves in these two series against the Guardians. At the head of that shit show was Emilio Pagan. We can’t let Rocco off the hook though. He just continued to put this piece of shit in the game in pretty high leverage situations. Did he not learn his fucking lesson?


This man literally reached such a level of horrible it was actually quite impressive. Like look at this SHIT.

This is literally so unbelievably embarrassing. The Twins now lost 5 games to the Guardians in these past two series. Every loss was the bullpens fault. There wasn’t a single game they just lost from the start. This is an epic level of collapsing, unfortunately it screams Minnesota Sports.


Now at the end of the day, the player on the field is the one to blame. There is a man who is in charge of putting said player out there though and that is Rocco. Why, please tell me why, you would continue to trot this man out there in late innings? Why isn’t he ON THE STREETS?!?! Overall I have liked Rocco, but MAN this year he has made me very mad. Out of the 4 major sports, to me MLB coaches to the least. So, when you do have to do something, HOW DO YOU FUCK IT UP OVER AND OVER. LEARN YOUR LESSON!!!

Now what Rocco said after the fact really, really makes me mad

Like are you kidding me? I somewhat understand trying to defend your players, but not in this situation. Pagans stuff is absolutely not good and he is horrible. Hold yourself accountable for trotting out this disaster as much as you have. If you want to show us you have a clue about what the fuck you are saying then release him. It really is that simple.

This has just made me so incredibly mad. Watching most of those Cleveland losses and a handful being Pagans fault, I had to get this out of me. Do I really want Rocco fired right now? No, I don’t, but he needs to be held accountable and be better. We could easily have a 5 + game lead on Cleveland. Unfortunately we don’t now.

This shit was peak Minnesota sports collapse in these games, and almost an epic level of collapsing considering it was the bullpens fault in each loss against them. Sadly are us Twins fans surprised? No, and that shouldn’t be the case. The team needs to be better, trade for some pitchers and make a fucking run, please. We love the Twins but when we deal with this regularly it can make sane people crazy. So please Twins, learn from this.

Signed – Twins Fans.