Should Kirk Cousins Come Back To MN?


The Vikings are approaching the biggest offseason in a long time. We’re fresh off Super Bowl week, and the rumor mill is CRANKING. Lots of interviews happened and the sources have nothing credible. Well, quiet from the sources that actually matter. Lots of Viking’s fans have long had their displeasure for Kirk, but they had to eat crow when they realized the team was dogshit without him. Now he’s a free agent looking to shop, and the Vikings are in a tight spot. So, what is the upside and downside to resigning Kirk Cousins?


In the NFL, having a competent QB is half the battle. Then you have to make sure he’s good and healthy. Kirk Cousins has been both of those things for most of his career. The guys is tough as nails and has played through some injuries before. I can’t help but think this team would turn into a disaster without Kirko. Hell, the last 2 months of the season without him were actual hell.

If Kirk returns, he will go into his 3rd season in the KOC-Wes Phillips offense. Which is huge for a guy like Kirk who needs routine and thrives from it. Not to mention he will be throwing the ball to the best WR in the game.

The run game literally couldn’t get any worse, so that’s something to fall back on when it gets better. (I am personally starting a movement to make Saquon Barkey a Viking #SaquonToMN. Y’all saw the run game last year, right?)

Not trying to sound like a homer here, but why would he really go somewhere else? It would be a lateral move if anything. Atlanta has the cash to pay him big, but they’re not any closer to the promise land than the Vikings are. He’s probably not going back to Washington despite them trying to get right with new ownership. I have a feeling he wants to run it back and stay where he’s created a real home for him and his family.

Lastly, Vikings fans loves him! Or…they hate him. It’s very divided, but I get the sense that it’s about a 60-40 split with people liking the Noon Nightmare. Love wins. After the insane ’22 season and the MVP-like run Kirk had before the injury, it’s hard not to root for him. He’s shown the football world over the past year how good of a guy he is, and it just keeps adding up. I’d love to see that scumbag A-Rog pull this off 👇


The league is thriving with young QB’s right now. When will the vikings get their young buck? It’s been a long time since the Vikings pursed a true franchise QB in the draft. Kirk Cousins will be 36 in August, at some point you do have to move on. With a top tier QB rookie class this year and the Vikings sitting at pick #11 in the draft, it might be time to make a move.

Kirk is coming off an Achilles injury. Combo that with the fact that he’s getting up there in age, is it really smart to bring him back? Rarely in this age of the NFL are older QB’s winning rings. Having a Quarterback on a rookie contract is the ultimate hack for winning the Super Bowl. Maybe running it back with Kirk isn’t the answer this new regime has in mind.

As you can see, I am team Kirk. But I am torn, and would be okay with either option the Vikings roll with. Kirk Cousins leading the Vikings to a Super Bowl win would hit like crack. But it would be nice to finally move up and get our guy. Also, no one has ever beaten him and won the Super Bowl. That has to count for something, right?

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