Should The Vikings Pursure Lamar Jackson?


Every great NFL team needs a superstar Quaterback. It’s just how it goes. You are either lucky enough to have a star, like Patrick Mahomes or Joe Burrow. Or you have a mid-tier guy that you overpay (see: Daniel Jones). Or you’re scrapping the bottom of barrel, just hoping and praying someone competent enough can win you football games.

Most people have a polarizing take when it comes to our current QB, Kirk Cousins. Me, I see Kirk as a guy in between Tier 1 and 2: not quite the X-Factor guy, but better than overpaying for mid. And yes, I said he’s not mid. @ me if you want. That being said, Kirk will be 35 heading into the 2023 season. And life after Kirk will come sooner than later.

The Big Catch?

Negotiating a raise can be tough. But it helps when you know the right things to say. Lamar Jackson is having a tough time with getting his pay raise. So much so, that he made it public via Twitter that he wants a trade Monday. After everything Lamar has done for the franchise, and after everything they haven’t done for him, this marriage looks like it could be finally over.

There is a big catch. Lamar is seeking a ginormous bag. A contract like the Browns gave that sicko Deshaun Watson. And no owner wants to pay that much, especially for a QB with the injury history like Lamar’s. So now, this whole thing is at a standstill. And we don’t really know where it’s gonna go from here. Let the rumors fly.

Why Lamar To The Vikings Works

The Vikings have long needed a superstar QB like Lamar Jackson. He would no doubt take this offense to the next level with his running ability and gunslinging throws. You can draft a guy in the 5th to put back there and it still won’t matter, Lamar will still get every defender to bite and get dusted. T.J. Hockenson would turn into the greatest fucking Tight End ever, since Lamar loves his big guys who can catch. And JJ would be fired up to have him I bet. It’s a match made in football heaven, if you’re into that sort of thing. The chance to have a young former MVP has never been greater than it is now.

Why Lamar To The Vikings Wouldn’t Work

Money money money. This has been the Vikings root of their problems this whole time the “window” has been open. Strapped down by the commitment to Kirk Cousins, the Vikings have had to cut corners and be smart all over. And more of the same would happen if they got Lamar. Most people suggest Lamar Jackson would pull about $45 mil/year-ish. Okay cool, but that’s always $10 million more than what you would pay for Kirk. And he already knows everything and everyone here. Part of why JJ has risen to be a fucking star is because of Kirk’s accuracy. And that’s still a slight weakness to Lamar’s game. Most fans would love to have him here, but the front office would have to move mountains quickly and hope this is a good play for their futures.

Keep it in mind that sources say the Vikings are very intrigued by the idea of having a QB on a rookie scale contract. It’s the ultimate hack for making a Super Bowl run, especially if you can find a good enough QB to run the ship. Just ask the Bengals and the Eagles. Eventually, the pay day will come for them too, and they’ll be just as stuck as everyone else was. In the NFL, it’s about windows of opportunity. And Lamar Jackson to Minnesota gives the Vikings a cool breeze.