Show Your Horns. Grab Your Plexiglass.

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kirk cousins show your horns
Kirk Cousins is ready to do whatever it takes.

Show Your Horns

The Vikings are never short on drama. The latest drama occurred when Kirk Cousins returned to training camp, and spoke to the media about his time away on the COVID-19 list. I am not here to quote that press conference, I am not here to make anymore noise about that. I mentioned plexiglass because it will literally come down to that, and if it holds up, good things are coming.

Normally when we think plexiglass, we think hockey. We are in the State of Hockey so the idea of plexiglass doesn’t seem as crazy as it might in different parts of the country. I just imagine a parade in February, and all the Viking fans holding up little pieces of plexiglass as we remember the season that was. Again, it’s time to show your horns.

show your horns plexiglass
The Real MVP.

The 12th Man

How effective will the plexiglass be, time will tell. I think it is a benefit to Kirk as well as the team as he makes his way back into TCO Performance Center. We won’t get any pressers from Plexi, but we will get hope. I truly think by taking this precaution we can and will setup for a very successful year of Vikings football. I can’t imagine this will draw a line in the sand amongst the team, but what it should do is bring a sense of relief. Moving forward, Plexi is a part of this team, and we all have to accept that. When we hear 12th man, we simply think of the 2009 NFCCG, but today, we get to look at it in a positive way, it is time to show your horns.

show your horns vikings fans
Typically the 12th Man, the fans will take on the role of the 13th Man in 2021.

The 13th Man

As fans make their way back into US Bank Stadium this fall, they will be met with a new responsibility. With Plexi locked in and ready to go as the 12th man, fans and their voices will be much needed to cheer this team to victory in Minneapolis. Nothing is changing, think of it more as the new normal, and the team that can’t catch a break, needs to catch yet another one to get to that Lombardi Trophy. As a fan myself, I am looking forward to getting into the stadium and yelling my face off to make sure that I do my part.

2019 Kirk Cousins Motivator.


In 2019, Zach Brown came out and slammed Kirk Cousins for being the weak spot of the Vikings offense, which turned out to earn Brown his pink slip from the Eagles following the loss. There is a narrative about “angry” Kirk and how he turns into a different player. With the media asking him the same question 5,000 times today, and him sternly answering each one, could we be seeing Kirk using the media to be his 2021 Zach Brown? Time will tell, but with that version of Kirk, and the addition of Plexi, all goes well and the Vikings will be making some noise come playoff time. I’m not saying Plexi is 2021’s Wide Dog, but I’m not not saying it either.

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