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There are many things that goes into the upkeep on the body of an athlete. It takes a lot of work, and can cost a pretty penny. Russell Wilson even said it himself. But now we have a clip of Chad Ochocinco promoting the Ochocinco Meal Prep service (our name, not his…Chad, if when you read this, let’s talk.) making the rounds that’s got people talking, and got me interested:

Now, we know how Ocho can be. He was one of the most interesting and polarizing guys in the NFL when he played, and for good reason. But this is some wild ass shit, and we need to get to the bottom of this. Here’s my stance; I’m not completely opposed to what he’s offering up for the meals. These athletes, they could probably withstand all those calories with the way they’re working out. Hell. Michael Phelps was eating upwards of 8,000 (!!) calories during his 2016 Olympic run. I’m on the fence cause Cam is about to consume greasy ass McDonald’s and gut-busting soul food. Anyone who eats those deep soul food meals needs AT LEAST an hour to let the stomach sit and settle. Then Chad comes in and talks about 2 types of cake for dessert….

If were being completely honest, this is exactly what I would wanna eat. I’d eat this exact meal plan at least once a month. Minus the Mickey D’s breakfast to start it out, unless we keep it light and go in on a bacon egg and cheese biscuit. Ochocinco definitely knows what his future clients would be into, but I’m not sure I (or any mortal man) could withstand those calories. I know 2 men who could very well use that help in an upcoming bloodbath for the ages…. That’s gonna be some exciting shit to gamble on!

The Ochocinco Meal Prep ServiceTM is definitely not for everybody, but holy fuck if it doesn’t sound absolutely delicious.