Patrick Peterson

Skol Train moves into offseason making BIG money moves!

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2021 NFL Free Agency is alive and booming, my friends! And this year is no different. With a smaller salary cap, guys are betting on themselves with 1-year deals. This is going to be a “prove-it” kind of year for a lot of teams, and the same goes for our favorite Minnesota Vikings. The last few years have not been friendly to us money-wise, but this year we’re able to open it up a bit and get in on some good pickups…

Dalvin Tomlinson

After seeing Alvin Kamara’s dumb ass run for 6 touchdowns all over our defense. something major had to be changed. So we took a little chump change and handed it to this beast of a man. This guy can get into the backfield faster than a child running to the ice cream truck. Lots of power and a mean streak is exactly what this unit needs, a badass beefeater. With Michael Pierce coming back, the problem of having run stoppage in the middle of the line has transformed into a much better situation.

Patrick Peterson

This was a major surprise that came in, as the Vikes add former All-Pro corner, Patrick Peterson. This man is so damn fast and has great NFL experience, all come as a huge upgrade to our corners. Pat Pete signed a 1-year deal to prove that he still has some gas in the tank after Arizona thought otherwise. I’m just hoping he can do enough to keep up with Davante Adams twice this year *fingers crossed*

Salary Cap Finessing

Over the last couple of years, teams have had to get clever with the way they pay to put their players. The same goes for the Vikings, and this year it was gonna be in a different way. Key restructures of Adam Thielen, Anthony Barr and eventually, Harrison Smith has given this team a lot of wiggle room within the cap. But it’s not even them getting less money, the front office just takes the money and “hides” it in different years or makes it a roster bonus. Not only does it create more money for new guys, but now Danielle Hunter is looking for a new deal. Let’s hope all this money moving solves these problems.

The Vikings are in a different type of mode this year. Spielman and Zimmer can’t afford to miss the playoffs this year without massive consequences. The every-other-year-we-go-to-the-playoffs bit is in full effect for 2021. The moves have been impressive, but there is something still to be fixed with the O line. Hopefully, they have a decent plan up their sleeve. And who knows, maybe next week we’ll be talking about an Orlando Brown Jr. trade! *Fingers Crossed*