Small Ball is Dead


Our Minnesota Timberwolves are off to their best start in franchise history and hold 1st place in the West. That is something I never thought would leave my mouth. A BIG part of our success is because of our 3 bigs. Have the Wolves proven small ball is dead?

Small ball obviously isn’t dead, but I think the Wolves are proving that it is very viable to go big in this modern day. How are they making it work and doing it at such a high level?


The main reason it’s working at such a high level is because of defense, plain and simple. They have Rudy playing at a very high level again. He is main reason the defense is so good. Even Naz Reid is playing pretty well defensively. The reason why the bigs are all clicking together though, it is mainly because of Kat buying in on D. 


It has been a true revelation for the big Kat. From being a bad defender, to having a top defensive rating in the league. I know playing next to other great defenders inflates that, but what a turn around! Early on it was looking like he might be the odd man out, but he has completely found his place with this team. The effort on D is the most noticeable. I think playing on a great defensive makes you not want to be the reason things go south. He is taking pride in that and not wanting to let him teammates down. It’s a big sign of maturity because we all know that has been an issue for him in the past. 

We already know how good Kat is on offense, but now everything is clicking. The one complaint I could have is that he should be shooting even more 3’s. In Wednesday’s game against the Spurs he had 6 shots in a game where we played bad offensively. He needs to be a lot more aggressive. Take those shots, you are one of our best players! We can’t ignore the legend Naz Reid though…

Naz Reid

Naz Reid. He has been what we expected; a sparkplug off the bench. His improved defense just adds to the steal of a contract we gave him. He should be the frontrunner for the 6th Man of the Year award and is providing highlights almost nightly. He had multiple against the Spurs, but this one was the best.

For a big man to be moving like this is insane. He is so fluid and quick for a guy of that size. We know Kat moves well for a big man but it is still clunky. Now this is like a guard, it’s SO fluid and clean. He has Target Center hyped at least once a night. He has been so important and the fans LOVE him. We love you Naz and keep doing your thing.


I didn’t think I would be saying this….but Rudy Gobert has been the most important player on this team so far. I didn’t say best player, but he has been the most crucial. Almost every night he’s had a classic Rudy game. Last season, it felt like it happened every 3rd or 4th game. He’s been a lot better on offense and just a force on defense. He has the leading odds for DPOY and is pretty much showing why every night. He was the reason we beat the Spurs. With this level of play from him, the Wolves can be a real contender. Things can always change but man, it looks good right now.

The Timberwolves are on fire and need to keep the foot on the gas. A big difference this year is us beating those bad teams. Just keep on beating who we should beat and we will have a top record. I want us to face some more good teams so we can keep proving we are for real. Some improvements to the offense and we have a legitimate shot. Let’s keep enjoying every game Wolves fans. Let’s go Wolves!