Sad eyes

So… Now what, Wolves Fans?

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Sad Eyes

The Good, The Bad, The Stereotypical Wolves

A slap to the face, a kick to the teeth, and an elbow in the gut. I would have rather taken all three of those from the WWE’s Great Khali last night instead of watching the Timberwolves collapse in the way they did last night. An almost unbelievable start turned into an unfathomable loss. With 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, the Timberwolves were up 25 and the game was all but over…until it wasn’t. The Sports God’s of Minnesota decided to do what they do best and pull the rug out from under Wolves fans.

Trigger Warning for Minnesota Sports fans…

Last night, the Timberwolves gave us the worst Minnesota collapse since Gary Anderson. Or 41-Donut. Or Favre’s collapse. Maybe Wide Left. Or the Martin Hanzal trade. Or the Twins getting swept by a sub-.500 Astros team. You get the idea.

The Bad

Um, Everything. Honestly, I’m sick. I’d rather have run out of gas and had someone spray me with a puddle as I was walking down the sidewalk to get more.


You just can’t talk the way the Wolves did after the first game of the series. When the fourth quarter came in last night’s game not a single person showed up. Our coach Chris Finch decided to not call a timeout during a 20-0 run. Anthony Edwards barely touched the ball in the fourth quarter and that’s on him as much as anyone.

D-Lo missed multiple wide-open shots and the veteran we have all come to love, Pat Bev, decided to try to play hero ball at the worst possible time. Having your worst skilled player go 1 vs 5 when you are down 3 with two minutes left is not the recipe for winning. Adversity hit and the Wolves went running.

Where’s Kat

Kat Missing

Literally, the Wolves All-NBA Supermax player has gone missing for the majority (editor’s note: 50%) of the playoffs. KAT was more handsy than . It’s been awful and inexcusable. The Grizzlies are playing him tough by putting two guys on him at all times and purposefully trying to frustrate him. But Superstars should overcome this type of play.

This is a message to KAT:

Do you want to be the best shooting big man ever? Or do you want to be the best big man ever? Dirk took the Mavs over Lebron, D-Wade, and Chris Bosh. But you can’t get double digit points against the Grizzlies on your home court? You let this happen to you at THE CRIB?

Refs are looking to call fouls on you because you complain every chance you get. Don’t say a word. Say “my bad, that’s on me, I’ll get it next time” and refs will lay off you. The world can see it, but somehow you cannot. Please, Karl.

Until KAT realizes this the Wolves aren’t going anywhere.

The Good for the Wolves, or what’s left of it.

Hope. There might be a sliver left of it, but there is still hope. A lot of fans are off of the bandwagon and rightfully so. Cue Sad Eyes by Robert John and call it a season and wait for the Wild or the Vikings to stomp on our graves next.

Not me, Not just yet.

We’re down 2-1 with a game at home on Saturday. Win that game and the series is tied and hopes are still alive. I don’t blame you if you choose not to watch. But it’s not over yet. But I’ve watched too many games to give up just yet. We should have lost against the Clippers and would be playing the Warriors if Steph Curry didn’t get hurt.

The same Warriors who are pulverizing the Nuggets 3-0 in the series. It’s time for KAT to show up and regain his confidence, Anthony Edwards to show up in the fourth like we all know he can. It’s time for this team that stole the hearts of fans and made basketball in Minnesota fun again for the first time in 18 years to beat the odds and rebound like few now believe they can.

Keep the receipts of all who doubted us.

Redeem yourselves.

Let’s go win Game 4.