The Song of the Summer, EVERY SUMMER

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It is officially summer in the Twin Cities. I know this because of 3 three things that happen every year in this state. One, the weather has changed and it is stickier then…..never mind can’t make that joke without getting canceled. Two, the mosquitoes are coming out, and it fucking sucks. And three, the Minnesota Twins won some games, got our hopes up, and are now back to losing games. The only remedy for the early summer blues is to crown a song of the summer, so here we go!


Every song of the summer must meet the following criteria.

  1. Must have a BPM (beats per min) of at least 100. The following songs come in at exactly 100 bpm so they are eliminated. Even though some are certified bangers.

2. The song must be by an artist outside the United States. A song is infinitely cooler if it comes from an artist no one knows.

And who could ever forget this 2010 banger by Don Omar and Lucenzo?

3. It HAS to get the people going no matter who they are. There are certain songs that transcend personalities and ethnicities.

So without further adieu, the best all-time song of the summer is………..

Nothing, and I mean nothing gets the people going like Levels by Avicii. Admittedly the entire criteria really doesn’t matter because the song of the summer was ALWAYS going to be Levels. I just needed to get to 300 words while also posting a bunch of awesome songs. So enjoy your summer and blast these songs non-stop.

An honorable mention goes to Gimme Gimme Gimme by Abba.