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Sources: Minnesota Organization to Back Up Brinks Truck

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I’m sorry for the click bait. This blog will not include any inside information on the current contract negotiations between Billy Guerin and Kirill Kaprizov. The breaking news is that I, Deno, (a twitter account with 23 followers) have been given the opportunity of a lifetime to join the fastest growing media conglomerate in the Twin Cities. I know some of you are wondering how 10k Takes was able to afford a blogger like me. To be honest it doesn’t take much (actually anything) to have a 20s something father of 2 join your site.

I look forward to click baiting you all again in the future, perhaps about the Olympics. If you have stuck around this long on my debut blog here is a quick Top 3 list of the greatest debuts in history.

#3. Randy Moss- Monday Night Football Debut vs Packers

His official debut was Week 1 vs Tampa, but this was different. This was in front of the entire nation on Monday Night Football in Green Bay. Randy had 5 receptions for 190 yards and 2 scores. The thing that always baffles me was how high his yards per receptions was. He famously had 3 receptions, 163yards, and 3tds against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving that same season. As a child during his initial run in Minnesota there was no one cooler than “84”.

The NFL has apparently earmarked as a site to not allow embedded content on. Celine Dion’s people must have gotten to Goddell. Instead, here’s a link to the footage of the night, courtesy of YouTube user funkydunkleman.

2. Auston Matthews Scores 4 goals against the Ottawa Senators

On October 12, 2016, playing against the Ottawa Senators, Matthews scored 4 goals in his NHL debut. Also, the best thing about the video above is how loud it is for a Maple Leafs player in Ottawa. While I know they have trouble filling seats but after each goal it sounds like the game is in Toronto.

#1 Jesus Christ

If you can find a more hyped prospect than this guy I will be impressed. He was promised to save the franchise (humanity) for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Some may say that he was only a 5-star recruit because of his dad but he more than delivered on his potential. Randy Moss made his MNF debut in hostile territory at Lambeau Field, but my guy Jesus had entire armies trying to prevent his debut. I have also heard rumblings that he make a return in the near future for his sophomore season.