Sports Betting or Recreational Marijuana?

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A couple weeks ago, I wrote a would you rather scenario that 80.5% of people didn’t agree with me on. I decided to try again this week with the debate being on Sports Betting or Recreational Marijuana?

Sports betting and recreational weed both have slowly started to get legalized throughout the country. Sadly Minnesota hasn’t been one of those states for either. Being in Vegas both are obviously fully legal and there’s nothing better then easily being able to place a sports bet and also being able to smoke basically wherever you are outside. Here’s my would you rather for the week.


I LOVE doing both of these things. I’ve gone to Vegas multiple times and have also taken that drive down to Diamond Jo’s Casino numerous times. Nothing beats being in the casino cheering on your bets with a ton of other degenerates. At the same time nothing beats being able to walk into a dispensary and buy whatever you want and being able to smoke it basically wherever you want.

Although both are still illegal in Minnesota, both seem like they should be legalized in the upcoming years. At the beginning of July, a law passed that allowed people in Minnesota to buy up to 50MG of THC edibles, which is a big step in the right direction. The only problem was they didn’t know they did it… Seriously.

With the Republicans not realizing they legalized edibles, they opened the door for THC vendors to set up outside the fair. Vendors are planning and hoping on being inside the fair by 2023 selling all their THC products.

Sports Betting on the other hand has had a tough time gaining any sort of traction in Minnesota. It will stay that way until at least 2023. Taking a look at the map below you can see that we are holding our ground not legalizing sports gambling. The surrounding states are the only ones who are benefiting from Minnesota not legalizing sports betting. Imagine how much money they make each year just off of Minnesota residents day tripping to bet on their favorite sports.

Sports Gambling.. How long until Minnesota?
Red States = No Sports Gambling.

Which one should get legalized first?

Although I would love having dispensaries on every corner… Or being able to smoke without worrying. I think I would have to choose sports gambling. The biggest key to my argument is which one is easier to do already? Although it’s not hard to find a offshore website like Bovada, it is hard to deposit and withdraw money without having concern. Finding a bookie is always a method too, but it’s hard to find one/being able to trust them. Having the ability to walk into a casino to place a bet, eliminates all concerns of being scammed/ dealing with “sketchy” websites.

Weed on the other hand is easier to find then your car keys. You can go anywhere these days and are almost guaranteed to find people smoking weed. If you are attending the State Fair this year and are in need of a pick me up just take a look around and you will almost certainly find someone to take a rip off of.

Honestly part of me almost likes how weed is still illegal. Why? It’s like drinking before you turned 21. When you have to hide it for some reason makes it that much more fun. Sports betting doesn’t have that same effect. You don’t have to hide that your doing it because no one is going to write you a ticket or call the police on you for placing a bet.

People might look at you funny on a Wednesday night ,when your screaming at your #MACtion bet… but that’s more of a them problem. If we lived in a dream world, both would already be legal here in Minnesota. Unfortunately we live in a state who is to dumb to realize how much money both of these generate annually.

Final Thoughts

Like I said earlier, I expect both to become legalized in Minnesota within the next couple years. Marijuana has the head start in the legalization process with it already being about half way home. If I had to choose I would 100% pick sports betting to be first in the legalization process. It seems like there is still many obstacles to overcome before we get to that point though.

For this one I do think I will be on the majority side of the vote (mostly because we are a sports website). But this is for the public to decide. Which one would you rather have happen fist? Drop a vote below on the poll on Twitter and let’s find out.