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The 2022 season is finally behind us… well, officially. It was behind us back in August, but with the Minnesota Twins being eliminated from the playoffs, all eyes are looking towards 2023.

2023 brings many uncertainties. What are we going to do with our pitching? Will we bring in new coaches and trainers? But one uncertainty reigns supreme; Carlos Correa. Where the fuck will he go?

Stay with us Carlos Correa.

Correa Interview

Early on in the season, it seemed that Correa had found a long time home. He went on and on about how much he enjoyed being in the land of 10,000 lakes (Takes). Of course anyone in his position would have said what he did, but he seemed genuine.

On Thursday, Correa was asked if the Twins should lock him up long term. He response:

Like many Twins fans, his response suprised me a bit. He seems to understand that this game is more of a business than anything. But unlike the Twins fans in Fox 9’s mentions, I don’t give a shit.

Correa undoubtedly knows his worth. He also knows that the fucking Pohlad’s are cheaper than fuck. He’s basically giving the “If you want something, go get it” speech that inspirational speakers give. While having a “down year”, Correa was able to produce at an All-Star caliber rate. He currently sits at a 5.1 WAR. 1 WAR = $9 million. Sure, nobody in their right mind would pay someone that is not Barry Bonds $45 million a year. Has he been worth his $35 million this year? Per stats, yes!

I’d gladly pay Correa $35 to whatever-the-hell million a year to stay.

Pocket Protecting Pohlad’s

Historically, the Pohlad’s have been cheap. Very cheap. They’ve never gone out and spent money on a big name player until they did with Correa last year.

Per Twins President, Dave St. Peter, the Pohlad’s have been going out of their way and spending more than what their revenue projects them too!

Aaron Gleeman of The Athletic speaking with Twins President, Dave St. Peter

That is so remarkable of them. I’m very impressed that a family whose net worth is $3.8 Billion can spare a few more million dollars to help put a consistent team on the field. Way to go Pohlad family! You suck rock!

It’s very frustraiting knowing a teams ownership group is cheap. That has been the case in this town for far too long. The Pohlad’s proved to many people by signing Correa last year that they know how to spend money. Cool! Do it again then.

Jesus Christ we need to spend money to get people back to the ballpark

I understand that it’s important to make money in any business. But like any business, you need to spend money (Carlos Correa) to make money (Winning team = more fans to Target Field). This past season was the lowest attending season in Target Field history and lowest since 2001. Sure, there are many factors that could be at play right now as to why the attendance was so low. But the on-field product to me is the main issue. If they want to be competitive, attract a crowd, AND make money, they need to invest heavily into the team. Sadly, winning teams tend to spend the most money. Money over Moneyball.

Stay with us Correa

The Pohlad’s are too fucking cheap to want to invest big money long term to keep Correa in Minnesota. If this was a player that was nearing the end of his prime (Josh Donaldson), I’d be ok with it. Considering Correa is still young and has many years of production left, we need to lock him up long term!

His impact on the club as of late has been tremendous. Sadly he did not have the best start to the season, but as of late he’s been as advertise. HE IS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING.

Darth Maul knows Correa is important to the Minnesota Twins
Darth Maul knows Carlos Correa is important

We don’t know when Royce Lewis will be back or know if he’ll return to Shortstop, or even in the infield. We need Correa back to provide some sort of stability to a team riddled with injuries and fuck ups.

To the Pohlad’s: don’t be cheap bastards. Spend some money and prove to your now mentally unstable fans that you want to win!

To Correa: I fucking love you. I would die for you. Please stay with us. Take us to the promise land.