Stefon Diggs Loves Minnesota

NFL Vikings

There are 2 ways to look at things typically: Glass half-full or half-empty. Most people look at the end of summer and dread the weeks upcoming, basically suckers still in school. But I? Like a lot of folks, am SALIVATING at the fact that the end of August is upon us. Which means only one thing in the great state of Minnesota: The State Fair. The many foods on-a-stick and barn animals leave people that visit in awe. They will always remember the Fair, just ask our old friend Diggsy!

We now have the miracle man to vouch for us that yes, the Great Minnesota Get Together fucks. The food options are galore, in ways that can terrify and amaze you. Most of us locals know it well, but it’s nice to know Stefon is still thinking about us in some way. Funny he mentions this during training camp and not in March. I know he still misses us. And this season, he’ll get to see firsthand how much different we are without him. I hope he’s doing well in Buffalo, seems like he got what he wanted. But if he ever wants an out, he still would look good in purple.