Kid Cudi

Stop Disrespecting Kid Cudi


Kid Cudi replaced Kanye West at Rolling Loud this past weekend in Miami. Despite their artistic differences and well documented beef, the two still have respect for one another in the hip hop realm.

Unfortunately, Cudi chose to cut his performance short because the crowd doesn’t. A few idiots were throwing stuff at him while on stage and when threatened with ending his set early, they kept at it. I, for one, stand with Scott Mescudi on his decision. It’s great to see a man stand up for himself like this.

For some reason, it’s become trendy in the hip-hop community to shit on Kid Cudi and his music. I don’t know when it happened or why, but it’s absolutely ridiculous. With no hyperbole or sarcasm I can say that Man on the Moon is one of the best albums released since the turn of the century.

Man on the Moon is Kid Cudi at his absolute best

From front to back, that album is elite and full of anthems for so many people. It’s not just me that thinks this, either. The Ringer’s No Skips show highlighted Man on the Moon as one of the very few hip hop albums that’s got nothing but bangers.

This album is one of the most sought after vinyl records of all time because of the story it tells as it plays through. If you haven’t given it a full listen-through, it’s definitely worth re-visiting. Has he had some questionable artistic ventures since then? Without a doubt, nobody can deny that.

Not every song or album is going to be a hit, and that’s okay. That’s art in a nutshell. To shit on the man’s whole discography and talent because of that is a lazy take for small-minded losers.

This is just another example of a few idiots ruining a good thing for the majority of people. Imagine dropping the bag on a ticket to the biggest hip hop festival of the year, only to throw a $7 bottle of water at an artist and ruin it for the masses. You’d have to be one hell of a colossal, narcistic asshole to do something that dumb. Frankly, it’s not uncommon anymore and I’m sick of that shit happening.

Now that this blog has officially reached the tone of the intro to “Love Sosa” it’s time to end it. Just do me one favor, STOP DISRESPECTING KID CUDI. (And everyone else while you’re at it. It’s not that fucking hard to shut your pie hole with your bad takes)