Sun Country Airlines Are War Criminals

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I don’t use the term “War Criminal” lightly. You have to really F up for me to label you as such. But here we are, with Sun Country breaking at least 4 of the Geneva Conventions. Minnesota baseball is nearly impossible to play in March. There’s still 7 inches of snow on the ground and you don’t know if the temperature is going to be -10° or 55°. A lot of teams have to practice in a gymnasium. Low quality stuff for ballplayers. So a lot of colleges head down South for a week or two. The Anoka Ramsey Community Colleges baseball team was supposed to head down to Arizona for a week to play 10 games.

ARCC Doesn’t Have Edina Boosters

ARCC is a junior college, so they don’t have a surplus of money for the athletic department like the University of Minnesota or other huge schools. A JuCo budget is not very big at all. In order to go on an expensive trip, the players had to cover costs themselves. A lot of players picked up a job while being a full time student and a student athlete. They also helped out with youth tryouts and other camps to come up with money.

Well fast forward to Sunday, March 13th. ARCC is headed down to MSP airport to fly down to Tucson, Arizona. Until… well… the ass holes at Sun Country decided to cancel the flight for no apparent reason. Sun Country didn’t give anyone a reason, and they didn’t reschedule the flight. They stranded 28 ballplayers and ruined their Spring break trip to Arizona to play a large portion of their season schedule. Multiple people were left on hold for hours and hours only to talk to a computer and not get an clarity on the situation. WCCO even caught wind of this atrocity Sun Country has pulled and did a story on it.

I am here by canceling Sun Country. They are monsters and are war criminals and should be treated as such. Next time you are looking to fly, choose anything but Sun Country. If you would like for your trip to get canceled then choose Sun Country. They’ll be sure to screw you over and have a smile on their face while doing it.