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Super Bowl Prop Betting Madness!

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HELLLLLLLO 10K FANS!  It’s Super Bowl weekend, and you know what that means….gambling and stupid ass prop bets!  I want to rundown my 3 personal favorite, wacky prop bets for this year and 2 ELITE prop bets I will be placing to make some cheddar.

Okay, okay, okay.  Before we start, I’ve always been interested in the weird and fun prop bets for the Super Bowl.  It’s never been something I would ever really bet on or pay crazy attention to, besides a few of the less absurd ones.  This year, sports gambling has crept its way deeply into my life, so, you know, I will be deep diving into all of the insane bets and will put some money on a few, for experimentation purposes of course. 

Okay time to dive in for real. 

BET 1: Will The Weeknd mention Donald Trump? No: -1200 

First off, there were a lot of really pointless and random ones involving the halftime show.  This one just seems even more dumb and fun than the others.  Now, why the hell would The Weeknd mention Donald Trump?  The only thing I could see happening is him coming out and saying, “Fuck Donald Trump.”  I just don’t see that happening though truly.  If I was having fun and betting on this, I’m definitely going with the pick of, the Weekend will NOT mention Donald Trump.  You barely make any money taking this side, but if I were to make this bet, I’m riding with NO.

BET 2: Will the price of Bitcoin go up or down during the Super Bowl.  Goes up: -150.

As a stonk and investing guy you know I’ll be talking about this one.  Well as it sits right now on Friday evening as I type this, Bitcoin is booming and approaching 40K again.  That would make you think it’s due for a slight drop here soon.  You may be correct, but I want to have FUN.  Bitcoin will go up during the game!  Crypto is the only trade-able thing thing during the weekend, so naturally crypto does well on the weekend.  It does have the history of dropping Sunday night leading into market open Monday, but screw it…TO THE MOON.  I’m taking the side of Bitcoin goes up during the game.  Also….DOGE TO THE MOON.

BET 3: Will a player be ejected for fighting or throwing a punch?  No: -2000

There are a lot more wacky and crazy ones, trust me I’m sure you know.  This one is definitely one that I feel very, very good about betting on, as far as less serious prop bets go.  These are disciplined teams with great coaches in the biggest game there is.  There is no DAMN way someone fights, I don’t see it happening.  If it happens please come roast me, I will gladly accept.  You gotta bet 100 to make 5$.  So an awful bet truly, but if you want to put your life savings on it, DO IT.  It’s free money, thank me later.   If you lose your house, well I’ll be in hiding.  

Now for my real money making, serious prop bets for the game. I will break down my favorite plays. Most likely will be bet on by me or included in my parlays for the big game. Cough, Cough…I have had a pretty solid run from Week 17 on betting, so my recent track record is ELITE, sadly doesn’t mean it will translate to this week, but we sure as hell are going to try. It’s time to make some money.

PROP 1: Anytime Touchdown Scorer: Travis Kelce. -165

Some people are going to sit here and probably rip me. They will say, “The Bucs will have a plan for Kelce and not let him beat them!” Now, I do think that’s true to an extent, Kelce might not shred them for yards and catches. He will find the end zone, whether it is a short little 1 yard score or a long play you are custom to seeing him doing. There are other bets that are honestly probably better odds wise and more likely, but ME personally loves this bet. Travis Kelce is the best in the game at what he does. If the Chiefs win, which I think happens, he will have to be a big part and get in the end zone. Hammer Kelce anytime scorer, you know I will.

PROP 2: Total Points O/U 6.5 Chiefs. -120 Over

This one had me thinking…for a second. If the Chiefs start with the ball, book it, they are scoring at least 7 points in the first quarter. Again, I have the Chiefs winning, so of course this bet is up my alley. If the Bucs start with the ball it could be hairy, but still the Chiefs will come out firing. They will score a Touchdown in the first quarter and make this a winning bet, mark my words.

Well that was nothing crazy, but I just enjoy the props every year for the big game. Wanted to talk about them and give you guys my personal take on some fun bets and serious ones. Everyone enjoy the game, gamble hard and party it up. It will be a fun day!