Vikings Charged Up After The War Of Justins

NFL Vikings

The Skol nation took to the west coast this week after a deflating loss to the Ravens. To keep the season alive, this was once again viewed as a must-win game. Funny, it seems like every game since Week 2 has been a “must-win”. But with a 3-5 record and other teams in the NFC starting to find their identity, it’s time the purple found theirs as well. Apparently, this was a massive game for Vikings Twitter as well. The Kirk Cousins burners all have beef with the Charger’s Twitter, which I think is hilarious!

Give JJ ALL The Damn Targets

Coming into week 10, Justin Jefferson hasn’t had the season everyone expected him to. Hell, the man had only 9 targets in the last 2 games coming into LA. That all changed on Sunday with a massive 9-143 game. Crazy what can happen when you give your star WR chances to make an impact! One thing to add on in all of this: I think JJ viewed this week as a revenge game of sorts. After losing the Rookie of the Year award to another Justin last season, he wanted to show everyone why he was deserving of the award AND the better Justin.

What better way to celebrate a victory than to get your hands on some exclusive gear? Yes that’s right, 10k Takes is teaming up with Fan HQ for a sweet giveaway of some signed JJ memorabilia! Pretty simple giveaway for some sweet stuff, and odds are you’re already following some of these pages anyway!

Also a shoutout to all those in SKOL nation that made the trip to LA. Once again the Vikings take over another stadium out west as we did in Arizona. Some fans mentioned it was about half and half, and it sounded loud when the Chargers were on 3rd down. I was bursting with FOMO watching the game as I couldn’t make the trip to this one. Hopefully, the Vikings are back at SoFi in February?

Better Days Ahead?

Looking at the schedule early, this 4-game stretch we’re living in right now was gonna be Death Row. After you get into the season, many experts tabbed a 2-2 record as the baseline for keeping the Vikings alive. The Vikings are 1-2 now in that stretch with 1 game to go, and well well well look who’s coming into town! Those fucking Green Bay Packers. You can argue their season has been more of a shitshow than ours, especially lately. A win over our bitter rivals would give a massive boost of confidence and give the season life again. Then the schedule softens up with 49ers and the LOLions again (that tie was fucking hilarious, btw). Let’s go on a run!