Taylor Swift & the CORRUPT NFL Make the Vikings 1-4

Football Vikings

What an absolute dogshit game that was.

Fumble. Justin Watson catch. Kelce hurt. Kelce back. Justin Watson catch. Kelce catch. Lost challenge. No PI. No unsportsmanlike conduct. Kirk blown up. Game over.

We should’ve known better than to think we had a fair chance in this game. The Chiefs are so valuable to the NFL now that Taylor Swift has taken an interest in them. There’s no way they were going to let Kansas City lose this week after all the press & viewers they’ve gotten from being associated with Taylor.

They don’t give a fuck if the Vikings win or lose. All they care about is making money, and Taylor Swift can make them a shit-ton of money. Update the bio.

Am I blaming the loss solely on the refs and the corrupt NFL because I’m emotionally immature and can’t handle Vikings losses properly? Yes, without a doubt. Here’s a thread of calls I’ll be unnecessarily mad at for the next week:


I hate this game. Season over. Kansas City back-to-back Super Bowls confirmed. Kelce and Mahomes will be in every commercial for the rest of time, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

The life cycle of a Vikings fan continues. We can’t have nice things. I would like nice things. Not us. Some are born to win and some are born to lose. Travis Kelce is on his way back home to his super rich, super famous, talented, hot(?) girlfriend, and we’re left here to get far too drunk for a Sunday and swallow our existential dread for the next 12 weeks of this football season. I love my life.

At least we have the Twins baby!!!

PS: I reserve the right to be all the way back in on the Vikings if they win next week.