adam thielen

Thank You, Adam Thielen


The hits just keep on coming, Vikings fans. We knew this offseason would be a year of shedding bulky contracts and fan favorites. With the Vikes being drastically over the cap line, some big releases would have to happen. And we got another one Friday morning as the Vikings released Adam Thielen.

This one hurts, way more than the Kendricks release. From the moment the Minnesota Man made his debut, he was a fan favorite all the way. Grinding his way up from a special teams gunner to an elite WR1, the Vikings decided to part ways with the 32-year-old wideout. Adam played his game with feistiness and graceful route running.

Some of the catches he made will go down in Vikings history as some of the greatest. In 2018, he went on a fucking tear to start the season with 8 straight 100-yard receiving games. As it stands now, he’s 3rd all time in Vikings history in receiving yards and receiving TD’s to Cris Carter and Randy Moss. A true Vikings legend and a surefire Ring of Honor inductee in the future.

As I’m writing this blog, I can’t help but be emotional about this release. Adam Thielen is one of my favorite players to ever don a Vikings uniform. His underdog story was truly inspiring, and the fact that a Minnesota boy rose to become a top flight WR in the NFL is amazing.

Not only that, but he played for our favorite team. The road to finding new personnel will be hard. But on the bright side, this release frees up about $6 million in cap space. The hits will keep coming, but this one will be the most devastating.

Thank you for everything Adam. We love you!