Thank You Gable Steveson!

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Thank you, Gable Steveson, for never letting down the loser state of Minnesota. So many other teams in this state thrive on letting their fans down. The Wild can’t win at home in the playoffs or in round 1. The Twins haven’t won a playoff game since before the original iPhone was released. Our favorite football team occasionally wins a wild card or divisional round game but promptly loses in the next round. I’d cover the Wolves as well but they are so irrelevant that I’ll pass.

High School and College

There is however one person we can be proud of and that is Gable Steveson. Although not born in Minnesota (maybe why he wins) he moved to Apple Valley in 7th grade and has called Minnesota home since. Named after wrestling legend Dan Gable, he was destined for greatness. At every turn, he has lived up to the hype and is now exceeding it. He won 4 MSHSL state championships, then took his talents to the University of Minnesota. While there Steveson won 2 NCAA titles, one 3rd place finish, and Covid19 ruined his shot at 3 titles in the unfinished 2019-20 season.


After his junior season at Minnesota, Gable Steveson represented Team USA in the Tokyo Olympics. At the games, Gable dominated until the finals where he fell behind late in his match against Geno Petriashvili from Georgia. What followed in the last 13 seconds is the stuff of legend. Watch the entire match below but please don’t stop until the end.

Down 3 with 13 seconds to go, Gable works his magic and wins it at the buzzer to take home the Gold and ONCE AGAIN live up to the hype.

The Return

And to top it off, Gable announced just a few weeks ago that he would return to wrestling at the US Open this week. He was seeded Number 1 overall and absolutely showed out.

So if you are an angry Minnesota Wild fan out there, or a lifelong Twins fan just remember there are other athletes in this state that won’t let you down. Once again, Thank you Gable Steveson!