10K thank you kirk cousins

Thank You, Kirk Cousins!


The big day for offseason news starts today, and all Vikings fans have been holding their breath. Will Kirk Cousins come back, or leave for greener pastures? We didn’t have to wait long to hear. Kirk Cousins is no longer a Minnesota Viking.

Goodbye, Noon Nightmare

First of all, a 4-year deal for a 36-year-old QB is WILD. And coming off an injury too. The Falcons took the bait on a big contract and finally got a Quarterback. You have to think that the Vikings were looking at 2 years, maybe 3 MAX on a deal with Kirk to come back. But Kirk gets what he wants, and the $45 million per year and guaranteed money is mind-boggling. Good for him.

The more the offseason went on, the more I believed Kirk wasn’t coming back. And I believe a lot of Vikings fans felt the same way, whether you love or hate him. But now that he’s gone, it feels weird. I always thought things would end differently for Kirk in Minnesota. But I think Vikings fans would be pissed if we brought back Kirk for $45 mil a year.

I mentioned before, but Kirk leaving the Twin Cities for Atlanta seems like a lateral move at best. But he did what he had to do, and now the Vikings are in a weird situation. Who plays QB now, a backup or a rookie? Yeesh.

The 6 seasons with Kirk Cousins as the QB were interesting. Not so fun at the start, but the memories of Kirko Chains and the ’22 season will last a lifetime. Now he leaves for Atlanta, but NOT SO FAST. The Falcons will come to US Bank Stadium in 2024, so we haven’t quite seen the last of the Noon Nightmare. All the best to Kirk!