The 2022 NFL Award Winners Gambling Guide

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We are officially just one sleep away from the NFL season!!! Here’s my yearly predictions for who will win each NFL award presented by the AP.

List of 'NFL Honors' award winners from 2021 NFL season

MVP – Justin Herbert (+900)

If you read my Top 10 QB Rankings, I’m sure you already knew Herbert was my MVP. It’s his third year and going to be his breakout year in all categories. Herbert gets to battle against Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, and Derrick Carr in the loaded AFC West. If he can find ways to win the division it will almost guarantee he takes home the MVP Trophy. Take Herbert at +900 before week 1 because it will be dropping fast.

Aaron Rodgers named 2021 NFL MVP as Green Bay Packers quarterback becomes  four-time winner | NFL News | Sky Sports
Aaron Rodgers with his 2022 NFL MVP Award… Yuckkkkkkk

Coach Of The Year – Kevin O’Connell (+1600)

No this is not a homer pick.. KOC takes over the Vikings and being a 1st year head coach instantly increases your odds for this award. King KOC gets to work with a very talented roster which makes this bet seem even more like a lock. The NFC North is super weak giving KOC an insane opportunity if he is able to win the division. Once that happens O’Connell will be inevitably the coach of the year.

This is by far my favorite award to cash. Do yourself a favor and jump on the KOC train.

Comeback Player Of The Year – Brian Robinson JR (+550)

10 days ago, Brian Robinson had a legitimate argument to be considered a NFL ROY candidate. He was then involved in a carjacking or robbery that led to him being shot multiple times.

Fortunately Robinsons gunshot wounds weren’t life threatening and he has since had a successful surgery. His Rookie Of The Year chances are now slim to none, although the opposite can be said for his comeback player of the year odds.

There’s rumors he could be back as soon as Week 5 which would be insanity after what he went through. We all know him getting shot instantly makes this a feel good story which the NFL award narrative would run with. There might be players who deserve it more based on stats, but Robinson will win it because his injury coulda ended his life just as easily.

Offensive Player of the Year – Justin Jefferson (+1600)

When JJ wins this award, tons of the credit will be given to Kevin O’Connell. The Vikings have a new look offensive playbook this year based heavily around Justin Jefferson. I expect O’Connell to put JJ into a position to replicate Kupps 2021 season, (who took home the award with O’Connell as OC). Many expect Jefferson to become the best WR in football so winning this award wouldn’t shock anyone. Expect to see many Griddy’s like this one throughout the year.

AP Defensive Player of the Year – Khalil Mack (+2800)

Khalil Mack gets to join a new team while also having the chance to line up with Joey Bosa (+1800) opposite from him. Every team is going to be scared shitless based on that alone. With the AFC West being loaded with high powered offenses Khalil Mack should find himself thriving with this opportunity. This feels like my long shot to hit but I personally think we will see one of the two Chargers take home this award. Lots of eyes will be on the Chargers this year which gives there defense a perfect chance to step up on the biggest stage.

AP Offensive Rookie of the Year – Breece Hall (+800)

Breece Hall needs to win this award because I ended up with him as my best running back in my 12 man league. Do I have faith in him? No. But I really really need him to do this for me. He has the 3rd best odds so at least the experts are giving me some hope. Breece Hall needs to somehow find a way to win OROY. If he’s a bust my fantasy team is a bust so be that man PLZ Breece.

AP Defensive Rookie of the Year – Aidan Hutchinson (+450)

No one likes going with the chalk pick, but I had to do it with at least one of these. Detroit took Hutchinson with their #2 pick last year so expectations are through the roof for the kid playing in his hometown. Even though Hutchinson is still a rookie theres no excuses for why he can’t be the most valuable player on that defense. Look for him to prove why he shoulda went #1 back in April with an explosive rookie campaign.

Hutchinson already seems to be a huge impact in the locker room as seen in Hard Knocks below.

AP Assistant Coach of the Year – Eric Bieniemy (No Odds Found)

No clue this was an award, but it’s an AP NFL award so it had to make the blog. I’m assuming if you win this award its a guaranteed head coaching job? (Editor’s note; there are only three winners of this award who did not become a head coach the next year, two of them were previous head coaches. The only exception is Greg Roman)

I’m picking the coach who should already be a head coach. Can someone tell me how Eric Bieniemy isn’t a NFL head coach already? If Kansas City’s offense produce #’s like previous seasons, Eric Bieniemy will be the Assistant COY and be a head coach whether the NFL likes it or not.

When the awards are being announced remember the names you have seen above. Going 8/8 would be highly unlikely is guaranteed, but there’s a good chance at least a couple of these literally all of these will hold true.

Cheers to another NFL Season.