2023 World Series is a matchup between two less popular teams than in years past

The 2023 World Series will be the lowest rated ever!

2023 World Series is a matchup between two less popular teams than in years past

Yup. The 2023 World Series will be the lowest rated ever! Quality wise, this will be the worst World Series since 2015, when the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets. However, this will only bother the casual fan…

This will be one for the REAL baseball fans. Casual fans can sit this one out for all I care.

Per Wikipedia (fuck you, it’s still a great resource), the lowest rated World Series was 2020. It averaged 9.785 million viewers. The Covid shortened season may have hindered their ability to garner viewership, but the following seasons weren’t kind either. 2021 and 2022 were the 2nd and 3rd lowest rated World Series behind 2020. NFL games can be attributed for the drop off, but I blame pace of play more than anything over the last few years.

Unfortunately, these two teams aren’t the most popular, which is why I think this will be the lowest rated fall classic ever. They are loaded with talent, so it’s a god damn shame nobody will watch it. Here is why you are a fucking moron if you aren’t going to tune into the 2023 World Series.

1. First time in 7 years the Dodgers or Astros won’t be in the World Series

It’s honestly a breath of fresh air to not have the Los Angeles Dodgers or Houston Astros in the World Series again. I’m tired of the same old shit, and those who follow baseball can attest. It’s great.

But this is also why casual fans won’t tune in this year. The Dodgers and Astros are household names in MLB. Everybody knows who they are. They draw more attention than either of these teams do.

Honestly, part of me wanted to see a rematch of last year’s World Series. I wouldn’t have mind Houston and Philly squaring off again, but I am glad to have seen the mighty Astros falter when it mattered most, like our beloved Minnesota Twins.

2. Both teams are loaded with young talent

Both teams are loaded with young, big impact players.

Jonah Heim is just one of many young players that the Rangers have on their roster in the postseason. Heim is of the best catchers in the league this season. The switch-hitting backstop seems to have gotten the bat to wake up and certainly will have an impact in the coming series, behind the plate or in the batters box.

Former Twin Mitch Garver and Jonah Heim help route the Astros

The Diamondbacks have their own rising star in Corbin Carroll. He is the slam dunk National League Rookie of The Year for a reason. The centerfielder also started off rather cold this postseason, but delivered when it mattered most in the NLCS against the Phillies. With his speed and ability to put the bat on the ball, look for him to make an impact.

Corbin Carroll is HIM

And these are just two players. Each team has many more talented studs. Who wouldn’t want to watch this series?

3. Would be awesome to see either team win the World Series

The Rangers have had their chances at winning a World Series back in 2010 and 2011. They ultimately failed, thanks to San Francisco Giants Closer Brian Wilson in 2010 and St. Louis Cardinals third basemen David Freese in 2011. The Rangers are 1 of 6 MLB teams to not win a World Series.

Best postseason moment since Kirby Puckett’s game 6 home run!

The Diamondbacks won a World Series in 2001. They have not had a deep postseason run since then. Right now, the state of Arizona does not have much to celebrate. Lot of stupid shit surrounding the Coyotes, and the Cardinals are fucking trash. They deserve to be happy and claim another World Series title.

Luis Gonzalez walks off Mariano Rivera to win the 2001 World Series!

Just 2 seasons ago, both clubs lost 100 games. Pretty insane to see the turnaround of some very deserving ball clubs.

In conclusion, you are either a casual or a cuck if you don’t like this World Series match up.