The 3 Best Fantasy Picks this Year?

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The NFL season is getting close, one of the best times of the year for a sports fan. Now the best part about that? That would be fantasy football. Is there anything better than fantasy football? I truly don’t think there is. Lounging around all Sunday, eating, drinking, and watching your team crash and burn is a top 3 thing in this world. To possibly avoid the crash and burn part I want to talk about 3 of my favorite picks this year.

Number 1: Cooper Kupp

If you remember 2 years ago, Kupp was absolutely elite. He had 1161 yards and 10 TD’s. Now were those TD’s an outlier? I would say slightly yes. This was also when Jared Goff was pretty good and his coach actually trusted him in the red zone. Last year Goff was pretty bad and didn’t have a lot of trust in the red zone so they ran the ball more. Well now they have Matthew Stafford and Cam Akers is out. That means they will be slinging the ball A LOT. I would target him for around 100 rec, 1000+ yards, and 8 TD’s. I am taking him one round ahead of his ADP. I think he’s a really safe pick this year and sometimes that’s not a bad idea when drafting in the 4th or 5th round.

Number 2: Austin Ekeler

He had a very so, so year last year. He was injured and never really got all the carries there. Now with him being the lead back absolutely, I expect more carries and still a ton of catches. If you are in a ppr league he is such a good pick. With an offense that should be very good with second year QB Justin Herbert at the helm, you should expect big things from Ekeler if he stays on the field. He only played 10 games last year and he had 54 receptions, as a running back, pretty damn good. He is going end of the first or early second. I would be taking him every single day at the end of first if I have a chance. He is ready for a big year.

Number 3: Deebo Samuel

I wanted to give at least one late round guy that could be a league winner, someone with upside late in the draft. Last year Deebo was barely on the field and when he was he had some gross QB play. He only played a few games with Jimmy G. If he can stay healthy this year and the 49ers are a good team I think he can put up some pretty solid numbers, especially for someone being drafted with an ADP in the ’90s. Besides Kittle and Aiyuk there isn’t a lot of other great options there. If he stays healthy I see no reason he can’t be a damn good flex option week to week. It was between D.J Chark and Deebo at this spot. I love both but Deebo just edged him out for my final pick.

Fantasy Football is possibly the best thing in this world. So sharing some of my opinions is something that brings joy. I’ve been playing for 8+ years and have some championships under my belt, but don’t look at me like I am Kfans own Charch. These are just 3 picks I see being excellent and possibly propelling your team to a championship. Let’s all enjoy the football season and kick some ass in fantasy!