Carlos Correa has seen the tweets, doubting him due to his ankle.

The Ability to Speak Does not Make You Intelligent

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A wise Jedi Master once said “the ability to speak does not make you intelligent”.

This has never been more relevant than it is today (editor’s note: be on the lookout for part 2 of this blog since it was written before the Luis Arraez trade), especially when it comes to sports. For every tweet, post, or comment with any sort of factual backing or common sense, there are 10 other takes that are backed by nothing other than shit opinions.

For example; Andy. Andy’s shit takes started off as jokes a bit, but now I think he’s serious. He claims he’s retired from being toxic, but I have my doubts… That all being said, Andy’s takes aren’t nearly as bad as some of the things I’ve seen on Twitter the past 2 weeks.

Andy being a douche

While some people just do it as a bit to get clicks or whatever, some people are serious with their takes. For example, the Carlos Correa offseason story.

Correa, the world’s sexiest shortstop not named Dansby Swanson, returned to our Minnesota Twins after a series of odd situations. After having deals fall apart with San Francisco (Giants) and New York (Mets), it seemed that Correa was out of options and signed here. I don’t fault fans for comparing us to a 2nd rebound. It’s an accurate take. But you know what isn’t? Calling this deal a stupid one.

Correa’s Ankle Impacted His Offseason

For those that don’t know, Correa was supposed to sign with the Giants back on December 13th, but apparently, there were…issues. The deal ultimately fell apart. Correa was then slated to sign with the Mets, but that too also went in the shitter. It was later made known what the issue was. His physical, specifically his ankle, was concerning.

Correa suffered an ankle injury back in 2014. It required surgery to repair it.

Correa explains his confusion regarding the topic of his ankle

It’s true, Correa’s ankle has not hindered him since the initial injury in 2014.

Ultimately, the Mets and Giants still wanted to land Correa, but at a significantly lower rate due to the concern for his ankle. Both teams offered 6-year deals at $140 – $150 million with options for another 6 years with similar earnings. However, Correa was looking for more upfront and was willing to sacrifice more on the back end.

This is when the Twins swooped in and offered him 6 years, $200 million with vesting options for another 4 years. In total, the deal could end up being 10 years, $270 million.

Even though the deal is significantly less than the other two and very team-friendly, “fans” still find a way to bitch about it.

Shit Takes Galore about Correa’s Ankle

Smart Twins fans were overjoyed with Correa’s return. Team friendly deal for a top player in the league. Who would be mad about that? Uneducated fans of the game.

A concerned Cleveland fan gives his take
1. Twins are better than the White Sox 2. You’re a stupid fuck
Extremely Salty Mets fan

Correa and His Health

People can bitch and moan all they want. This was a smart deal. Why? Because the concern was long-term health of the ankle. After 7-8 years. Which is why we went out and signed him for 6 years with 4 different options.

Carl, a personal favorite account of mine and a major key to Correa’s return, explains the Twins thought process

It’s true, we are paying Correa more money than what the Giants and Mets offered in their 6-year deals. Again, he wanted more money upfront than what the others were offering. Sure it may look like he settled with us, and maybe he did, but we still got him.

It’s also true that the Mets and Giants used the same doctor, who very obviously was not going to change his opinion on the matter. But the issue wasn’t the ankle at this very moment, it was what could happen down the line (again, 7-8 years from now).

So this is, as Producer Cam would say, a fucking Massive W.