The Actual 5 Scariest Horror Movies of All Time

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With Halloween just under a week away, what better time to share my top five scariest horror movies of all time than now? 

As mentioned in my previous article, I LOVE horror movies. Like, if I get so scared and soil myself, I’ll accept it because that’s what I signed up for. (Please know that this has not happened yet but if it does so be it.) If I get nightmares for nights on end, fine, I don’t care, who needs sleep anyway? It’s spooky season, so it’s a given. 

There are so many horror movies that come to mind, but below you’ll find the top five that I watch year after year. 

1. Insidious

The fear of a child going into a coma is scary enough, but for that child to be in a coma in a demonic world where supernatural forces come to play? Yeah, @#%$ that. 

Favorite scene:

2. The Exorcist

Anyone that is bleeding out of their mouth while spider walking down a staircase should go to a doctor, IMMEDIATELY.

Favorite scene:

3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Every time I drive through the country this movie always seems to pop in my mind. Like, what if my car breaks down and a masked figure jumps from the side of the road with a chainsaw? 

Favorite scene:

4. The Conjuring

Ahh, Matt Dumba’s favorite horror movie.

Ed and Lorraine Warren took the world by storm with their supernatural cases. And while this story is very much a Hollywood production, the origin is terrifying. A witch haunting a family? Yeah, no.

Favorite scene:

5. Sinister

Everything about this movie is horrifying. Ethan Hawke is a legend and deserves all praise for his performance in this movie. 

Favorite scene:

So, what do you think? Do you have horror movies that you watch year after year for Halloween?