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The Bandwagon Guide To The 2022 NFL Playoffs

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This time of the year, there’s not a ton to look forward to. All the fun holidays have passed, and most of us living in Minnesota are dealing with extreme cold. But in the NFL, this is the time of year when things really heat up. Where players become legends, and there’s bound to be a major collapse within it all. With our favorite team missing for the 2nd straight year and looking for a new GM and Head Coach, you might be in need of a new team to root for these next couple weeks. Or maybe you need a betting favorite? Here’s our bandwagon guide to the 2022 NFL Playoffs!

Cincinnati Bengals

The fans were THRIVING in Cincy last Saturday

Starting the list with a team that I didn’t think would make it this far! The Bengals have been a healthy surprise for the NFL season, and they have a semi-favorable matchup this weekend at Tennessee. Joe Burrow has been as cool as the other side of the pillow, and every day the Ja’Marr Chase pick over a O-lineman has the Bengals sitting pretty. The team has gained a youthful burst of energy, and it’s paid off handsomely. Just ask the baby-faced head coach.

Tennessee Titans

Not gonna lie, this pic is very hard

The AFC’s #1 seed has never seen such disrespect. Many experts are overlooking this Titans team like the honey roasted peanuts in the snack aisle: not the favorite, but will get the job done. This team has sort of sleepwalked their way to the top seed after losing Derrick Henry on Halloween. The King will hopefully make his return to the lineup this weekend in order to set the table for this talented offense. Don’t forget: Henry was on an MVP-like tear this season before his injury, and he finished 9th in rushing despite not taking a snap since Week 8. Scary hours in Nashville?

San Francisco 49ers

2022 NFL Playoffs Niners
Jimmy G might look good in purple? ๐Ÿ‘€

I’m about to say something controversial: the 49ers should be considered America’s Team. Nobody cares about the Cowboys, who they just beat by the way. And their game was televised to the masses of kids who probably weren’t watching on Nickelodeon? Say no more.

This fanbase invades every road stadium like a massive family Thanksgiving. The 49ers faithful made SoFi and AT&T Stadium look like Levi’s South. The way this team is running the ball and playing stingy defense are the key ingredients for a Super Bowl run. They have all the momentum right now, and that’s gonna make for a huge showdown in Lambeau. And Deebo Samuel is the shit, especially for this awesome interview.

So wholesome!

Green Bay Packers

2022 NFL Playoffs Packers

The Super Bowl favorites finally get their time to shine Saturday night. The lack of excitement last weekend is being made up in a big way here, starting with this Packers game. The Packers have been very good in the playoffs in Aaron Rodgers’ career. Except against “America’s Team” whom he has lost to 3 straight times. Last time it was a hideous loss in the NFC title game in the Bay, they seem to be pretty good at losing those big games. All I’m saying is: if they get over the hump with this tough 49ers team, watch out.

No, fuck you

Los Angeles Rams

2022 NFL Playoffs Rams
Akers coming back from an Achilles injury after 6 months is pure insanity.

Los Angeles is thriving right now, and you can’t blame them. After they pounded the piss out of the Cardinals, they get to meet the GOAT and defending champs. Matthew Stafford had a great game, and that’s why they brought him in. After all the hell that Lions franchise dragged him through, he finally gets his time to shine. The real X-Factor? OBJ. He’s returned to his old form, and with Kupp on the other side that’s a major problem. I’m rooting for the Rams, only for Stafford and OBJ.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2022 NFL Playoffs
The GOAT and some guy named Brady

The champs are looking good after they killed an inexperienced Eagles squad. And why wouldn’t they be? They’ve got fucking Tom Brady. But they injuries around him are starting to scare me. No Chris Godwin, and he just lost his star tackle Tristian Wirfs. AB ain’t walking back through that door, so now he has to rely on guys who haven’t had a ton of playing time. Former Gopher Tyler Johnson is one of them, but he’s played fairly well when given the chance. This defense is still next level, you are not going to run on them. So this matchup against LA is gonna be very intriguing. Let’s just hope Bruce Arians doesn’t get slap happy this game.


Buffalo Bills

2022 NFL Playoffs Bills
They are who I wish the Vikings were ๐Ÿ˜”

The Bills have been super hot and cold this season, but they may have found their groove. They got hot in single degree weather, and beat the shit out the Patriots to advance. I don’t hate him like everyone else might, but fuck it was nice to see Belichick lose like that. Now, it’s a date at Arrowhead to face the Chiefs and Pat Mahomes. This is turning into a small rivalry, this meeting being the 4th in 2 seasons. Allen-Mahomes might be the new version of Manning-Brady, and this will for sure be the game of the weekend. Hopefully no “foreign” objects make their way on the field like last week in Buffalo.

Bildos is just too good, man

Kansas City Chiefs

2022 NFL Playoffs before the Chiefs ran out of fireworks
Pay this photographer all the money.

The dynasty is hanging in the balance this Sunday for the Chiefs. Yes, they’ve only won 1 Super Bowl so far, but this team feels legendary. No doubt they are touting 3 Hall of Famers on the offense, and the defense has rounded out nicely. The Bills and Chiefs met in Week 5, and they got worked. That was then and this is now, back then everyone was doubting this team. Including me, I was so down I was willing to put my money on them NOT making the playoffs. Guess it’s a good thing sports betting isn’t legal here yet (unless you’re using our friends at BettorEdge, promo code 10K)? All I’m saying is, this is a huge game for Chiefs Kingdom moving forward. A loss here would be super devastating.