The Best in the West


With the Timberwolves down Kat, it was expected they would drop back a little bit. Not only did they not do that, but they now took over first in the West. This team is special and it is time to buckle up for the stretch run.

Leaders of the Pack

A massive win in Denver propelled us to first place once again. It might have been our most dominant performance of the season thus far. They held the defending champs to under 100 pts and were pretty much in the driver’s seat from the jump. Ant and Rudy led the way with Mike filling it up from deep and Jaden finding his groove. Having Jaden play like this is going to be so important going into the playoffs, especially if Kat can’t play.

They only had 7 turnovers in this game. It seems like there have been a lot of games this year where they almost have that in a quarter. If this team can limit the turnovers and play defense like this, they are almost unbeatable. I mean they even had Jokic making bad passes, that right there is saying something. The first half was one of the better defensive performances you will see. It was a truly A+ performance with very little to be upset about. Hopefully, they carry this right over into the playoffs.


Without Kat I truly thought we would collapse, it just seemed like a very Wolves thing to do. It has been almost the opposite, I believe we are 10-3 since he went out and we really haven’t skipped much of a beat.

This isn’t even a knock on Kat or anything since he has had an amazing year, but it does make you think. I don’t want to be negative during this amazing season but I really hope if he gets back for the playoffs he can slide right back into his role smoothly. We will worry about next year when that comes but it is very encouraging how they look without Kat.

They have been able to find offense in other places with Naz taking a huge leap in his absence. Slow Mo is starting to play how we expect him to play which is important. Jaden also is finally finding his groove. It has been a difficult season for Jaden on the offensive end, with everyone expecting a big jump from him. He is finding his stride at the perfect time heading into the playoffs. This will be so important if Kat is out or if he is rusty. It has just been so impressive from everyone really in Kat’s absence. Guys have stepped up exactly when they have been needed.

The Home Stretch

With only 10 games to go, this team is finding their stride. We all know the identity of this team is their defense. If they can just get enough offense they truly have a chance to make a deep run. Will Ant be ready to take over, especially in the clutch? I would like to think he is built for the moment. Will other guys be able to answer when their number is called? So far they have almost all stepped up in one way or another. Things are looking really good even without Kat. I know things can change in this last 10 but if we finish strong I like our chances going into the playoffs with or without KAT.

I don’t want to say I saw this coming but I did write an article before the year saying we will be in the mix to win the West. How serious was I being? That is a good question but I still wrote it so I will take some credit. If you want to go back and check it out it is right here.

I didn’t mention all the Glen Taylor drama because I am trying to focus on what is actually happening on the court in this blog. If you want to read my Glen Taylor blog it is right here.

Screw all the outside noise right now. This team being led by Ant is special and they have a legit shot to make a run. If they keep up this defense and find enough offense they are a match for anyone. We are still 10 games away though, so let’s just enjoy the ride and we will worry about the playoffs when it is time.

It has been a special season, don’t let the ownership talk bring down what has been almost the best season in franchise history. We are in for even more fun the rest of the year, let’s not take it for granted. HOWLLLLLLL Wolves Nation, we will talk soon because we are the best in the West.

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