The Best of This Past Weekend

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We are officially in the doldrums of the sports calendar. While we can all say we love America’s past-time of baseball, the beauty of the sport is that you don’t have to watch every single game to be fan. There’s 162 and realistically they only matter in late August and September. Luckily, this past weekend we were able to get some huge moments from the less talked about sports. It made a lazy July weekend kind of memorable.

Tony Finau wins local tournament

The 3M open used to be a tourney for old timers. Now, it could end up being the same type of party atmosphere for Minnesota kids as the Waste Management Open in Scottsdale.

The ONLY reason Tony Finau won.

I’m sure the guys that were actually there will have an in-depth breakdown of their entire weekend on this week’s episode of It’s A Bit.

Paddy the Baddy

What a performance by the electric Scouse duo of Paddy “the Baddy” Pimblett and “Meatball” Molly McCann. There is nothing better than actually seeing an MMA card in the middle of the afternoon instead of battling sleep when they are usually on. The crowd was bananas in London and the local lad delivered.

After winning by submission, Paddy delivered one of the best interviews in sports history.

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Sydney McLaughlin

More like “Sydney Mclaughing at them”. Okay, bad joke but she is the most dominant ATHLETE in the world right now. Over the weekend, she broke her own world record in the 400 meter hurdles. Then backed it up by anchoring the gold medal team in the 4×400 relay. Every time she steps on the track I, and more importantly she, expect her to break some sort of World record.