The Best Shooting Guard in the League Is…


Devin Booker has been the best shooting guard in the league for a while now, with Ant and Donovan Mitchell right behind. I think it is safe to say after 3 games of this series that we have a new king of the position. His name is Anthony Edwards and he is making it known on the biggest of stages.

The Best 2 Guards in the League

Anthony Edwards has snatched D-Books chain right from under his eyes. Booker may have like 20 In each game but if you have watched It has not been a good series at all. It is recency bias and a small sample size? It is a little bit but let’s not act like Ant hasn’t been amazing all year and not on D-Books heals. I think all it was going to take was another amazing playoff series and that is exactly what we are getting.

Superstar Numbers

Just look at these numbers, they are so special. We can’t take for granted we are watching greatness right before our eyes. This man is on the TIMBERWOLVES too!!! It is almost hard to believe still. I saw earlier that Ant is top 10 in ppg in playoff history already. There isn’t a lot of sample size but it shows it isn’t just this series. He is built for the playoffs and these moments.

You can see the team around him competing at his level. Ant brings that out of everyone he is around, you want a guy like Ant as your star, SUPERSTAR to be exact. The team will go to war for him and you can see it. It is really funny to think people thought Ant didn’t care or like basketball. I get why at the time but it hasn’t pretty much been the complete opposite. This man might be the most competitive and biggest dog in the league. We are blessed to have him in a Wolves uniform.

JUST LOOK AT THIS DUDE. He is a menace in the best way possible and our superstar for hopefully many, many years. It is so odd to have a guy with this swagger and aura but also such a competitor. Trust me, I know it isn’t just Ant but this was just to highlight how amazing he is and that he is on the top now.

Wolves 3-0

It has been a special series for your Wolves and I’ll admit I am a bit surprised. I mean they smacked us 3 times in the regular season and we had problems every game. To just completely do a 180 flip in the playoffs just isn’t something you expect as a Wolves fan. I mean just saying playoffs is hard enough but I need to get used to it. To be up 3-0 is a bit of a shocker and I won’t hide I was extremely worried but my goodness is this beautiful to see. It has been a few different things to get us here though.

Whether It was superstar Ant, Jaden turning into Kd, or Naw going ballistic from deep. This team is so deep and everyone has contributed. That isn’t even mentioning Kat, Mike, Rudy or Naz. This is a special team and regardless of what happens it will always hold a special place in Wolves fans hearts, I know that for a fact. Just finish this thing off and don’t make it too interesting. The last thing we need is more stress and Denver resting more!

This was mainly supposed to be about Ant, so I will finish with this(and some great tweets from last night). Anthony Edwards is the best shooting guard in the league and slowing is becoming the face of the NBA. Savor every moment Wolves fan, talk soon!

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