The Best Timberwolves Jerseys of All-Time

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Over the years, there have been a lot of great Timberwolves jerseys. It’s very important to make sure the word jersey is there. Yeah, there are some new faces, but outside of some absolute fire fits, the Timberwolves franchise is largely one of sadness and despair. With such a great history of elite threads, it begs the question: Which is THE best Timberwolves jersey of all-time? I’ve pondered this question for many moons, and have narrowed it down to 3 contenders, but only one champion. Let’s begin.

#3: 2018-2019 Prince City Edition

There may be a few jerseys that are better looking overall but this was just so cool. The purple and pink one was just super awesome. Part of the reason it is in the top 3 for me is because of the homage to Prince. Besides that, they were super awesome. People loved when they dropped these. A few of the classics may beat these, but the uniqueness pushed these into the top 3 for me.

#2: 2021-2022 Blue City Edition

These are so damn cool. It was kind of a nod to the old school Wolves blue uniforms but a little more new school. The one thing I wished they changed was making the whole thing the color of the front. The back was a lot darker and it didn’t come together perfect to me. Regardless they are so damn clean, nothing crazy, just a crisp jersey. You can’t tell me Ant doesn’t look like a stud in that either.

#1: 1996-2008 Black Trees

The pinnacle of all Timberwolves jerseys; the OG black jersey lined with trees. These are so damn good and a few years ago they made a newer version of the classic black w/trees jersey. If you remember when D-Rose dropped 50 for us, it was in those jerseys. When you think of the Wolves back in the KG days you think these jerseys immediately. They are simple but just soooo good looking. I think most Wolves fans probably agree these are the best jerseys in our history. Maybe one day something new will dethrone them.

Honorable Mentions

Here are some of my other favorites. That old school blue Wolves J almost broke into the top 3. The blue trees one is amazing but I couldn’t have two of the same in the top 3, it is the same just a different color of the black with trees one. There actually have been a lot of solid options for a Timberwolves jersey over the years. The new normal jerseys are, unfortunately, hideous. Maybe with new ownership and kind of a whole new Wolves squad they will change them again. Let me know if you agree with my rankings!