The Best Trade in Wolves History


Over the course of history, the Wolves have made some bad, bad trades. It’s in our DNA to make bad decisions, but one we made recently is shaping up quite well. It’s time to discuss why the trade for NAW and Conley might be the best and most underrated trade in our history.


Our last game perfectly encapsulated how significant this trade was. With Kat out, someone has to step up each night and last night NAW went nuclear. He missed one shot and filled it up. He is the reason we won that game. NAW has more so been a defensive first player with us, but he has shown he can step up when his number is called. We need that so, so, so bad right now. We are going to need this going forward, and this is just one part of the trade that has been revolutionary.

NAW has been one of the best defenders in the NBA this year. To anyone who doesn’t think so just hasn’t watched enough of him this year. He has been so special and a vital reason this defense is the best in the league. A true unsung hero this year and I can’t wait to watch him lock up in the playoffs.

Mike Conley

From the jump Bite Bite has been so important for this team. He immediately made this team gel in a way it wasn’t with D’Lo. Rudy also immediately became so much more impactful after Mike’s arrival. It’s unfortunate we were so injured because it would’ve been awesome to see a full squad against Denver. I really hope Kat can be back for the playoffs so we can finally see it this year.

A true point guard in this era of not many true point guards. He just brings everything together and has been so much more important than you would think even when he isn’t scoring. We’ll need him to score a bit more in Kat’s absence, but hopefully in the playoffs he can focus more on his playmaking. It’s been a treat having him in a Wolves uniform and hopefully we get to see him retire here.

This team wouldn’t be where they are without Mike and NAW. A simple, small trade where NAW was literally a throw in has turned out to be one of the best in our franchises history for sure. I don’t think anyone could’ve expected it to work out this well. A lot of people were genuinely mad after this trade and I don’t think a single one would say that now. Wolves fans love these guys and hopefully we can keep NAW going forward. It will be a fun end of the year Wolves fans, let’s enjoy it while we can. HOWLLLLLLLLL.

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