The Best Young 4 In The Big 4

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As a Minnesota sports fan since 1991, there’s been plenty of young talent I’ve seen come and go. I don’t ever remember a time though when we had awesome young talent in all big 4 sports (NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB) that could potentially set up Minnesota sports for success for years to come. Especially with the Wolves contending in the playoffs and the Wild poised to make a run in the playoffs their is plenty to optimistic about as a Minnesota fan. Now, let’s not forget that we are indeed Minnesota sports fans. Just because we may have the best young 4 in the big 4 doesn’t guarantee one single goddamn thing.


Report: Anthony Edwards declines invite to compete in Dunk Contest

How can you not be fucking pumped that the Wolves got a guy like ANT? He’s only 20 years old. 20! My guy can’t even have a legally drink a beer and he’s already a superstar. And if he wants a beer on his 21st birthday, I would love nothing more than to buy him that beer.

The Wolves have had a litter of young pups (some good, some bad) since we’ve had a thousand first round lottery picks in recent years because they’ve been such dog shit for so long. We’ve seen Wiggins come and go and we got KAT which I’ve seen KAT, I love KAT, but something just feels different about Anthony Edwards.

He’s a player that no matter the situation can always make an electric play and that’s something the Wolves need to make a run in the playoffs this year. (Especially if the protestors slow down)

Kirill The Thrill

Stop Calling Him Kirill the Thrill - Hockey Wilderness 
the best young 4 in big 4

Coming in at 24, it’s crazy how much of Kirill’s career is left. Also, at 24 I’d love to buy him a beer as well. Or vodka, if that’s his preference. But we all know how much the Soviet Savior enjoys a Mich Golden. What can I say, the kid has taste and filthy mitts on the ice.

Kaprizov has only been in the league for one shortened season and this one. In that time, he has managed to become the Wild’s rookie leading goal scorer, assist scorer (although Matt Boldy is dangerously close to breaking this one), and points scorer. He also has broken the Wild single season record for goals, assists, and absolutely shattered the single season points record. He’s been named an All-Star, won the Calder trophy, and stolen all of our hearts with his unbreakable bond with teammate Mats “The Lizard King” Zuccarello.

He just seems so humble and cool too. Even when he got to 100 points in the season he just smiles and seems genuinely happy. Loves what he does and we love to have him.


Justin Jefferson - the best young 4 in big 4

He’s only 22 and been in the league for 2 years and has already been in the Pro Bowl twice. When I was 22, I was just trying not to get in bar fights and making sure I had enough money so that I could eat Little Caesar’s pizza 3 times week (Pizza, Pizza).

Entering year 3, JJ is arguably the best wideout in the NFL and he’s all ours. We all know theirs Kirk haters out there, but regardless of how Kirk throws the ball, there’s a good fucking chance that JJ’s coming down with it. If the Vikings plan on making it to the Super Bowl anytime soon, he’s gonna be a big reason we’re there.

Not to mention he started a revolution with his Griddy dance. There are plenty of posers out there that do it too but we all know he’s the reason we see the Griddy dance on TikTok every three videos.


Byron Buxton progresses toward return; Twins continue playing down a roster  spot – Twin Cities
the best young 4 in big 4

Now for the Grandpa of the group be got Buxton at 28.

Some will say he’s not all that young, but 28 is still pretty goddamn young. He for sure plays like he’s younger and baseball is just a little different sport. Guys get drafted when their in like middle school and play 30 years in the minors before they even get a shot.

I love the Twins. I do. But fuck can they be a tough team to watch at times. It’s always fun to go to Target Field but it takes away a lot of the fanfare when the team sucks ass. But even when they do and Buxton’s out there playing (if he’s healthy) he can be an electric factory on his own.

His speed alone is a reason to go the games. Seeing him run around the bases when he hits one in the gap is insane. Or him running and diving for fly balls in the outfield with no regard for his own health.

I’m not sure this is the Twins year, but if it is, or will be anytime soon we’re gonna need him. Now that his hitting is coming into form we’ve got a real all star in center that hopefully is here for the long term.

Enjoy It

Being a Minnesota sports fan is tough. We always seem to have talent but never enough to make even a small run in any playoffs.

So hopefully now’s the time the owners and managers of our beloved Minnesota sports teams can build are these young talents. Now’s not the time to be cheap. Some have been paid, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their gonna be around forever. You don’t always have the best young 4 in the big 4, so pay them whatever they want, and keep them around here forever because I don’t know about all of you but I’m ready for some championships and some fucking parades around here.