The Big Meow is Back


KAT finally made his long awaited return last week against the Hawks. He had 22 points in 26 minutes and the game winning free throws. The next game, he hits the game winning 3. Those were such a big wins, and a huge breath of fresh air to have him back on the court. The Big Meow is Back.

After 50+ games…THE BIG MEOW, AKA KAT, HAS FINALLY RETURNED. We did exactly what we needed to do in his time out, just stay afloat. I know we lost 9 games to the bottom 5 teams and that is disgusting, but we stayed about .500. If you asked fans if this where we would be at this time, they would be happy with all the things that have gone wrong this year. Also, fuck anyone who calls Kat cringe for that interview. He literally is one of the better guys in the NBA, but gets shit on for being “cringe”, “soft” and “corny”. Who gives a rats ass about that? He’s an amazing player and an amazing person. Fuck those haters.

You could just see how happy he was to be back playing with his teammates and for the fans. If you are a Wolves fans and still hating, you aren’t a Wolves fan. Why wouldn’t you be happy as hell he is back and that HE is happy as hell. You could how happy his teammates were too, they love him and there is a reason for it. Don’t take him for granted, he’s a great player and loyal to this historically shit organization.

Confidence Is Key

This was in only his second game back. The fact he had the confidence to take this shot is so encouraging. Now was it a good shot? Eh, I don’t know. But Kat is an elite shooter and shooting with that confidence…it’s hard to call it a bad shot. He made it anyway, so who cares. In a game where no one besides Naz played well they defeated the champs on their home court, holding them to under 100 points. In a game where the O wasn’t great, the D came to play. It just gives us fans so much hope to be able to win a game with defense. They need to stay on a roll and go into the playoffs hot…and please avoid the Play-In.

We just have to be happy that the Big Meow is back. We weathered the storm without him and they gotta find a bit of chemistry before (hopefully) the playoffs. If we can find it, which I think we can, we have a chance to be very dangerous. With the presence of Conley, which works so much better with this roster, I truly think we can be special. If the last handful of games have been any indication, we clearly have the capability of being great.

So Wolves nation, lets not take Kat for granted! He has been nothing but loyal to us. He always gives it his all too. Hopefully we stay hot and avoid the play in. Talk to you guys soon wolves family.