The Big Ticket Gives A Big Fuck You to Glen Taylor

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Last summer, former basketball player and current actor Kevin Garnett announced he was trying to buy the Timberwolves. It should have been the easiest decision ever for Timberwolves, Lynx, and Sex Dungeon owner Glen Taylor.

kg buying timberwolves
Look me in the eye and tell me with certainty he doesn’t have a sex dungeon.

And yet, nothing ever came to fruition there. Yesterday, the “KG buying Timberwolves” dream officially died. At least it died with a legendary Instagram Story post.

kg buying timberwolves dream is dead
RIP KG Buying the Timberwolves. July 2020 – March 2021

I mean FUCK. Clearly KG read 10K Takes scathing report about the Timberwolves literally becoming the worst franchise in American sports this week. He could have helped turn it around, but it appears Glen Taylor wasn’t interested. Can’t have the Wolves start becoming successful now, can we?

One chunk of KG’s rant specifically stuck out to me.

Crazy that some of these special players that helped build these fuxin Franchises like a home but can never own them, only rent them..GTFOH ISHHH IS A JOKE… Fux em doe.. your loss..

Kevin Garnett, via his Instagram story

The Wolves are bad and have been bad for a long time. The Timberwolves have existed for 31 years but have only been to the playoffs 9 times. 8 of those times were when KG played for the team. KG helped build this franchise. Ever since he left in 07, the team has been the laughingstock of not only the NBA but all of sports. So it is beyond me why anyone wouldn’t want KG’s presence back with the Timberwolves. Do you think he’s somehow going to make this shitshow WORSE?

This latest development with KG has caused even the biggest homer and Minnesota SportsTM Sunshine Pumper I know, Journalist Jake, to say, and I QUOTE “Seriously this franchise is so fucked. Couldn’t not care if they relocate. Fuck them.” This is on top of his recent tweet about this sorry ass franchise. When you get JJ to give up, that’s when you know it’s bad.

Apparently KG was almost right when he said those famous words. Anything is possible. Just as long as it doesn’t involve the Timberwolves making a smart decision. Or a decision that people would like.

kg buying timberwolves