The Boo Birds are Back.

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Boo Birds are back and Deservedly So.

By the end of the 3rd Quarter of last night’s Wolves vs Spurs game. The Boo birds were out and most people at home had turned the game off already. If you hadn’t, you should have. It was a horrible performance; don’t let the final score fool you. It finished with a final score of 115-106. Keep in mind this Spurs team that actively wants to lose. They would lose all 82 if that’s what it took for 1st overall pick in this upcoming draft.

Boo Birds

At one point the Wolves were down 32 points. The Boo Birds reigned down on Target Center like it was 2015 and they were on their way to losing 50+ games. What was thought to be an easy start to the season has got off to a rocky start. A 2-2 record For a Timberwolves team acting as if they won the NBA championship the previous year. Thinking they do not need to give their full effort against teams that aren’t filled with superstar players. In fact, it’s flat-out embarrassing.

Effort, Effort, and more Effort.

When is this same shit going to stop happening? It’s every year we deal with this. Do we need to bring Pat Bev back? Does this group of not-so-young pups need to get yelled at like we’re in Middle School and we just got caught screwing around to actually try? We can call Jimmy Butler to make that happen…I’m sure he’d answer. Come on man, its the Spurs. We lost to a guy who dyed his hair grey for god’s sake.

Hey KAT, be the leader you want to be instead of talking about it. Hey Ant, everyone loves to talk about how hard you play and how good you can be. Superstars don’t let their teams lose these games. Hey, D’lo you are easily the most natural leader on this team. For once stand up and say something to these guys. This shit can’t fly and something has to change. The old quote said by almost every coach in this history of coaching remains true. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

Time to Figure it out

I expected that the chemistry wouldn’t be great. That we may struggle in the beginning, but not because of effort. On the bright side there’s time to figure it out. The Wolves jump back in to action tomorrow night against the same team they got blown out by last night. I hope Coach Finch takes and holds these guys accountable for the previous night. Lets get up by 40 by the third quarter and stop this shit from the start. If we want to win 50 games, if we want to be a top team in the west, we cant lose these games and put ourselves in a tough spot at the end of the season. Games like these make me mad after I read Quotes like this from less than a week ago.

This whole piece may be an over reaction, but when you have watched 80+ Wolves games every year for the past 10 years. You can see the ball rolling down the wrong tube. I want it to change and I want this team to start and continue this season in the right direction. Being great starts with the culture and the belief that you are unbeatable. The confidence to say go ahead try to come beat us, you can’t. Get back on the plane and we will see you later. I believe it’ll come and this team will figure it out. Its a long season Wolves fans, were back on the road to 80-2.