The Kirk Cousins Saga Needs To End, One Way Or Another

NFL Vikings

Generally, I like to take a break with football related things in the offseason. No more playing Madden, the game is shit and there’s better other games anyway. All my fantasy related apps get deleted after Week 17, and the NFL app gets moved to the back page of my phone screen for the time being. But when Twitter is involved, anything is possible. The word on the street is not so much a word but a question. With all these blockbuster trades happening, will the Vikings trade Kirk Cousins?

Why Keeping Kirk Cousins Is Not A Bad Idea

As a rational person, I like to hear both sides of an argument. The next argument in the line of Kirk Cousins saga is why should he be dealt outta town. The obvious, and logical angle on Cousins is the amount of money he makes. And he’s set to make an astonishing amount this season. It seems since his arrival, other areas of the team have had to take a sacrifice or rely heavily on depth. Now with a new regime in town, that may change. The armchair GM’s are making Twitter trades now that things are moving, but not every idea is a bad idea.

At the end of the day, picks are just a number on the board and ideas are just brainstorming. My question is: who the fuck is gonna play Quarterback if the Vikings move on? There’s no good options out there. Marcus Mariota is a career backup at this point. Gardner Minshew is a great story, but JJ deserves so much better. Maybe the new guys will like what they see in Kellen Mond more than Zimmer did.

Why Keeping Him Is A Bad Idea

Fake quote, but doesn’t make it less true

Okay, so we went over why it might work. But there is plenty more reasons why a trade would be ill-advised. First of all. Kirk is a Top 12, maybe Top 10 QB in the league. You don’t give guys away like that unless you have something worth it coming back to you. He has a good rapport with everyone within the offense. And with Kevin O’Connell calling the shots now, there is a chance to unlock Beast Mode Cousins the likes of which has never been seen before. Lord knows Zimmer didn’t give a fuck about making his quarterback better, he barely wanted him in the first place.

The debate needs to come to an end. Poor guy, all fans have done since he got here in 2018 is question his abilities at every turn. He was “supposed” to be the piece that fixed everything after the dream run in 2017. To be real, it’s all the Defense’s fault. When you can’t stop the the LOLOLOLions in a prevent defense and lose to a winless team, things are bound to not work out. The money side of things makes fixing that problem more than easy. If Kirk has a decent defense to back him up, the sky could be the limit.

The proof is in the pudding. Now we just gotta figure something out about that cap hit.