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The Debate is Over Because Both Of Our Goalies Are Good

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Listen Minnesota Wild Fans… If you told me after 3 games into the 2022-23 season that you wanted to yeet both of our Goalies, Marc-Andre Fleury and Filip Gustavsson into the fucking sun. I wouldn’t have disagreed with you. While I would argue a lot of those goals were because of bad defensive plays, they did let in some softies that made you want to chuck your beer from the upper deck of the Xcel Energy Center.

But since then, the tandem has been absolutely brilliant. Our two netminders have been a pair of brick walls between the pipes. My good friend Seth helped inspire this blog and took me out of my dark and decrepit video editing cave to re-appear on our website:

Everyone (including me, his #1 fan) knew that Flower would bounce back. The guy is a future HOF. Guys like that don’t accept failure. I don’t need to explain that to any real hockey guys/gals. No one should be suprised, especially when his diehard fans wearing a Minnesota Wild shersey record videos like this:

Put me in the media HOF for that one. Those late night puck drops were brutal for us 25 year old guys with 50 year old bodies.

Fil / Gus Bus / Fily G

The biggest shocker of the year by far has been Filip Gustavsson. It’s actually hilarious to think that many people (including me) thought shipping off Talbot for this guy was a downgrade. He only played 18 games with the Ottawa Senators last year, who finished with a sad record of 33-42-7.

But hey, that’s why Billy G gets to be the Boss and I don’t. He saw something there and The Minnesota Wild Unlocked Filip Gustavsson. When I saw him make that big save against Ovechkin tonight with a smile on his face, I knew he was a guy. Billy always knew it deep down, but even he is somewhat shocked:

Not only can we credit the front office and coaches for actually giving Fil a chance, but I’m 99% sure Marc-Andre Fleury could mentor anyone to be a Vezina Trophy winner. That includes my ass that got tired after taking 7 shots on goal in a row:

It’s Time to Stop Arguing About it. They are Both Good

The bottom line is it’s time we stop arguing over which one is better. I know Minnesota sports fans have been through a lot and always want something to point their finger at to prevent invidable heartbreak. (Especially after the latest Vikings playoff loss). But these goalies are both good. There’s no need to fight in Russo/Joe Smith’s mentions over which one needs to be in the net. Kill me for being positive, but I’d say it’s a damn good problem to have that I don’t lose any sleep over wondering who’s protecting the cookie jar in the next game.

Wild Country, let’s ride!