The Detroit Lions are your NFC North Champions!

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The Detroit Lions, AKA the Motor City Kitties are your NFC North Champs!!! The talent, the coaching, all of it is why the Lions will be a top those standings come playoff time…HUH.

Before we go too far, this is definitely a troll. I got you so good! It was too fun of a fun title and way to open the blog. In all reality, the Vikings or Packers should win the division but who knows, maybe those pesky Lions will make some noise.

What I do know is we won’t be cheering for the psychedelic taking QB A-Aron Rodgers. I’m not even a big Vikings fan but I know I will be cheering for Kurt Cousins before I rooted for that guy and nasty team.

This was just a little blog to hopefully start a bit of controversy until you actually opened the blog. In all seriousness the Vikings will be your NFC North champs! You fucking like that?!

See all you 10K supporters soon for the football season! SKOL.